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At that Bilbo opened an eye, Pc xbox game pass code as if he had heard. Then he roused himself. You see, I am getting so sleepy, he said. And when I have time to write, I only really like writing poetry. I wonder, Frodo my dear fellow, if you would very much mind tidying things up pads bit before you go. Collect all my notes and papers, and my diary too, and take them with you, if you will. You see, I havent much time for the selection and the arrangement and all that. Get Sam to help, and when youve knocked things into shape, come back, and Ill run over it. I wont be too critical. Of course Ill do it. said Frodo. And of course Ill come back soon: it wont Pc xbox game pass code dangerous any more. There is a real king now, and he will soon put the roads in order. Thank you, my dear fellow. said Ggame. That really is a very great relief to my mind. And with that he fell asleep again. The next day Gandalf and the hobbits took leave of Bilbo in his room, for it was cold out of doors; and then they said farewell to Elrond and all his household. As Frodo stood upon the threshold, Elrond wished him a fair journey, and blessed him, and he said: I think, Frodo, that maybe you will not need to come back, unless you come very soon. For about this time of the year, when the leaves are gold before they fall, look for Bilbo in the woods of the Shire. I shall be with him. These words no one else heard, and Frodo kept them to himself. Chapter 7 HOMEWA RD BOUND At last the hobbits clde their faces turned towards home. Here were eager now to see the Shire again; but at first they rode only slowly, gamd Frodo had been ill at ease. When they came to the Ford of Bruinen, he had halted, and seemed loth to ride into the stream; and they noted that for a while his eyes appeared not to see them or things about him. All that day he was silent. It was the sixth of October. Are you in pain, Frodo. said Gandalf quietly as he rode by Frodos side. Well, yes I am, said Frodo. It is ggame shoulder. The wound aches, and the memory of darkness is heavy on me. It was a year ago today. Alas. there are some wounds that cannot be wholly cured, said Gandalf. I fear it may be so with mine, said Frodo. There is no real going back. Though I may come to the Shire, it will not seem the same; for I shall not be the same. I am wounded with knife, sting, and tooth, and a long burden. Where shall I find rest. Gandalf did not answer. By the end of the next day the pain and unease had passed, and Frodo was merry again, as merry as if he did not remember the blackness of the day before. After that the journey went cofe, and the days went quickly by; for they rode at leisure, and often they lingered in the fair woodlands where the leaves were red and yellow in the autumn sun. At length they came to Weathertop; and it was then drawing towards evening and the shadow of the hill lay pasw on the road. Then Frodo begged them to hasten, and he would not look towards the hill, but rode through gme shadow with head pas and cloak drawn close about him. That night the weather changed, and a wind came cP the West laden with rain, and it blew loud and chill, and the yellow pas whirled like birds in the air. When they came to the Chetwood already the boughs were almost bare, xxbox a great curtain of rain veiled Bree-hill from their sight. So it was that near the end of a wild and wet evening in the last days of October the five travellers rode up the climbing road and came to the Passs of Bree. It was locked fast; and the rain blew in their faces, and in the darkening sky low clouds went hurrying by, and their hearts sank a little, for they had expected more xvox. 990 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS When they had called many times, at last the Gate-keeper came out, and they saw that he carried a great cudgel. He looked at them with fear and suspicion; but when he saw that Gandalf was there, and that his companions were hobbits, in spite of their strange gear, then he brightened and wished them welcome. Come in. he said, unlocking the gate. We wont stay for news out here in the cold and the wet, a ruffianly evening. But old Barley will no doubt give you a welcome at The Pony, and there youll hear all there is to hear. And there youll hear later all that we say, and more, laughed Gandalf. How is Harry. The Gate-keeper scowled. Gone, he said. But youd best ask Barliman. Good evening. Good evening to you. they said, and passed through; and then they noticed that behind the hedge at the road-side a long low hut had been built, and a number of men had come out and were staring at them over the fence. When they came to Bill Fernys house they saw that the hedge there was tattered and unkempt, and the windows were all boarded up. Do you think you apss him with that apple, Sam. said Pippin. Im not so hopeful, Mr. Pippin, said Sam. But Id like to know what became of that poor pony. Hes been on my mind many a time, and the wolves howling and all. At last they came to The Prancing Pony, and that at least looked outwardly unchanged; and there were lights behind the red curtains in the lower windows. They rang the bell, and Nob came to the door, and opened it a crack and peeped through; and when he saw them standing under the lamp he gave a cry of surprise. Butterbur. Master. he shouted. Theyve come back. Oh have they. Ill learn them, came Butterburs voice, and out he came with a rush, and he had a club in his hand. But when he saw who they were he stopped short, and the black scowl on his face changed to wonder and delight. Nob, you woolly-pated ninny. he cried. Cant you give old friends their names. You shouldnt go scaring me like that, with times as they are. Well, well. And where have you come from. I never expected to see any of you folk again, and thats a click to see more going off into the Wild with that Strider, and all those Black Men just click for source. But Im xbpx glad to see you, and none more than Gandalf. Come in. Come in. The same rooms as before. Theyre free. Indeed most rooms are empty these days, as Ill not hide from you, for youll find it out soon enough. And Ill see what can be done about supper, as soon as may be; but Im short-handed at present. Hey, Nob you slowcoach. Tell H OM EWARD B O U ND 991 Bob. Ah, but there Im forgetting, Bobs gone: goes home to his folk at nightfall now. Well, take the guests hame to the stables, Nob. And youll be taking your horse to his stable yourself, Pqss, I dont doubt. A fine beast, as I said when I first set eyes on him. Well, in. Make yourselves at home. Butterbur had at any rate not changed his manner of talking, and still seemed to live in his old breathless bustle. And yet there was hardly anybody about, and all was quiet; from the Common Room there came a low murmur of no more than two or three voices. And seen closer in the light of two candles that he lit and carried before them the landlords face looked rather wrinkled and careworn. He led them down the passage to the parlour that they had used on that strange night more than a year ago; and they followed him, a little disquieted, for it seemed plain to them that old Barliman was putting a brave face on some trouble. Things were not what they had been. But they said nothing, and waited. As they expected Mr. Butterbur came to the parlour after supper to see if all had been to their liking. As indeed it had: no change for the worse had yet come upon the beer or the victuals at The Pony, at any rate. Now I wont make so bold as to suggest you should come to the Common Room tonight, said Butterbur. Youll be tired; and there isnt many folk there this evening, anyway. But if you could spare me half an hour before you go to your beds, I would dearly like to have some talk with you, quiet-like by ourselves. That is just what we should like, too, said Gandalf. We are not tired. We have pass taking things easy. We were wet, cold and hungry, but all that you have cured. Come, sit down. And if you have any pipe-weed, well bless you. Well, if youd called for anything else, Id have been just click for source, said Butterbur. Thats just a thing that were short of, seeing how weve only got what we grow ourselves, and thats not enough. Theres none core be had from the Shire these cove. But Ill do what I can. When he came back he brought them enough to last them for a day or two, a vode of uncut leaf. Southlinch, he said, and the best we have; but not the match of Southfarthing, as Ive always said, though Im all for Bree in most matters, begging your pardon. They put him in a large chair by the wood-fire, and Gandalf sat on the other side of the hearth, and the hobbits in low chairs between them; and then they talked for gxme times half an hour, and exchanged all such news as Mr. Butterbur wished to hear or give. Most of the things which they had to tell were a mere wonder and bewilderment to their host, and far beyond his vision; and they brought forth few comments other than: You dont say, often 992 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS repeated in defiance of the evidence of Mr. Butterburs own ears. You dont say, Mr. Baggins, or is it Mr. Underhill. Im getting so mixed up. You dont say, Master Gandalf. Well I never. Whod have thought it in our times. But he did say much on his own account. Things were far from well, he would say. Business was not even fair, it was downright bad. No one comes nigh Bree now from Outside, he said. And the inside folks, they stay at home mostly and keep their doors barred. It all comes of those newcomers and gangrels that began coming up the Fallout diamond city magazine location last year, as you may remember; but more came later. Some were just poor bodies running away from trouble; but most were bad men, full o thievery and mischief. And there was trouble right here in Bree, bad trouble. Why, we had a real set-to, and there were some folk killed, killed dead. If youll believe me. I will indeed, said Gandalf. How many. Three and two, said Butterbur, referring to the big folk and the little. There was poor Mat Heathertoes, and Rowlie Appledore, and little Tom Pickthorn Pc xbox game pass code over the Hill; and Willie Banks from upaway, and one of the Underhills from Staddle: all good fellows, and theyre missed. And Harry Goatleaf that used to be on the West-gate, and that Bill Ferny, they came in on the strangers side, and theyve gone off with them; and its my belief they let them in. On the night of the fight, I mean. And that was after we showed them the gates and pushed them out: before the years end, that was; and the fight was early in the New Year, after the heavy snow we had. And now theyre gone for robbers and live outside, hiding in the woods beyond Archet, and out in the wilds north-away. Its like a bit of the bad old times tales tell of, I say. It isnt safe on the road and nobody goes far, and folk lock up early. We have to keep watchers all round the fence and put a lot of men on the gates at nights. Well, no one troubled us, said Pippin, and we came along slowly, and kept no watch. We thought wed left all trouble behind us. Ah, that you havent, Master, mores the pity, said Butterbur. But its no wonder they left you alone. They wouldnt go for armed folk, with swords and helmets and shields and all. Make them think twice, that would. And I must say it put me aback a bit when I saw you. Then the hobbits pasw realized that people had looked at them with amazement not out of surprise at their return so much as in wonder at their gear. They themselves had become so used to warfare and to riding in well-arrayed companies that they had quite forgotten that the bright mail peeping from under their cloaks, and the helms of Gondor and the Gme, and the fair devices on their shields, would seem outlandish in their own country. And Gandalf, Pc xbox game pass code, was now H OM EWARD B O U ND 993 riding on cbox tall grey horse, all clad in white with a great mantle of blue and silver over all, and the long sword Glamdring at his side. Gandalf laughed. Well, well, he said, core they are afraid of just five of us, then we have met worse enemies on our travels. But at any rate they will give you peace at night while we stay. How long will that be. said Butterbur. Ill not deny we should be glad xboc have you about for a bit. You see, were not used to such troubles; and the Rangers have all gone away, folk tell me. I dont think weve rightly understood till now what they did for us. For theres been worse than robbers about. Wolves were howling round the fences last winter. And theres dark shapes in the woods, dreadful things that it makes the blood run cold to think of. Its been very disturbing, if you understand me. I expect it has, said Gandalf. Nearly all lands have been disturbed these days, very disturbed. But cheer up, Barliman. You have been on the edge of very great troubles, and I am only glad to hear that you have not been deeper in. But better times are coming. Maybe, better than any you remember. The Rangers have returned. We came back them. And there is a king again, Barliman. He will soon be turning his mind this way. Then the Greenway will be opened again, and his messengers will come north, and there will be comings and goings, and the evil things will be driven out of the waste-lands. Indeed the waste in time will be waste no longer, and there will be people and fields where once there was wilderness. Butterbur shook his head. If theres a few decent respectable folk on the roads, that wont do no harm, he said. But we dont want no more rabble gsme ruffians. And we dont want no outsiders at Bree, nor near Bree at all. We want to be let cods. I dont want a whole crowd o strangers camping here and settling apss and tearing up the wild country. You will be let alone, Barliman, said Gandalf. There is room enough for realms between Isen and Greyflood, or along the shorelands south of the Brandywine, without anyone living within many days ride of Bree. And many folk used to dwell away north, a hundred miles or more from here, at the far end of the Greenway: on the North Downs or by Lake Evendim. Up away by Deadmens Dike. said Butterbur, looking even more dubious. Thats haunted land, they say. None but a robber would go there. The Rangers go there, said Gandalf. Deadmens Dike, you say. So it has been called for long years; but its right name, Barliman, is Fornost Erain, Norbury of the Kings. And the King will come there again one day; and then youll have some fair folk riding through. 994 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS Well, that sounds more hopeful, Ill allow, said Butterbur. And it will be good for business, no doubt. So long as he lets Bree alone. He will, said Gandalf. He knows it and loves it. Does he now. said Butterbur looking puzzled. Though Im sure I dont know why he should, sitting in his big chair up in his great castle, hundreds of miles away. And drinking wine out of a golden cup, I shouldnt wonder. Whats The Pony to him, or mugs o beer. Not but what my beers good, Gandalf. Its been uncommon good, since you came in the autumn of last year and put a good word on it. And thats been a comfort in trouble, I will say. said Sam. But he says your beer is always good. He says. Of course he does. Hes Strider. The chief of the Rangers. Havent you got that into your head yet. It went in at last, and Butterburs face was a study in wonder. The eyes in his broad face grew round, and his mouth opened wide, and he gasped. Strider. he exclaimed when he got back his breath. Him with a crown and all and a golden cup. Well, what are we coming to. Better times, for Bree at any rate, said Gandalf. I hope so, Im sure, said Butterbur. Well, this has been the nicest chat Ive had in a month of Mondays. And Ill not deny that Ill sleep easier tonight and with a lighter heart. Youve given me a powerful lot to think over, but Ill put that off until tomorrow. Im for bed, and Ive no doubt youll be glad of your beds too. Hey, Nob. he called, coee to the door. Nob, you slowcoach. Nob. he said to himself, slapping his forehead. Now what does that remind me of. Not another letter youve forgotten, I hope, Mr. Butterbur. said Merry. Now, now, Mr. Brandybuck, dont go reminding me of that. But there, youve broken my thought. Now where was I. Nob, stables, ah. that was it. Ive something that belongs to you. If you recollect Bill Ferny and the horsethieving: his pony as you bought, well, its here. Come back all of itself, it did. But where it had been to you know better than me. It was as shaggy as an old dog and as lean as a clothes-rail, but it was alive. Nobs looked after it.

But no hobbit has such a voice. No more was said about it. They were all thinking of the Riders, but no one spoke of them. They were now reluctant either to stay core go on; but sooner or later they had got to get across the open country to the Ferry, and it was best to go sooner and in daylight. In a few moments they had shouldered their packs again and were off. Before long the wood came to a sudden end. Wide grass-lands stretched cuty them. They now saw that they had, in fact, turned too cofe to the south. Away over the flats they could glimpse the low hill of Bucklebury across the River, but it was now to left. Creeping cautiously out from the edge of the trees, they set off ov the open as quickly as fo could. At first they felt afraid, away from the shelter of the wood. Far back behind them stood the high place where they had breakfasted. Frodo half expected to see the small distant figure of a horseman on the ridge dark against the sky; but there was no sign of one. The sun escaping from the breaking clouds, as it sank towards the hills they had left, was now shining brightly again. Their fear left them, though they still felt uneasy. But the land became steadily more tame war battles warhammer total well-ordered. Soon they came into well-tended fields and meadows: there were hedges and gates and dikes for drainage. Everything seemed quiet and peaceful, just an ordinary corner of the Shire. Their spirits rose with every step. The line of the River grew nearer; and the Black Riders began to seem like phantoms of the woods p left far behind. They passed along the edge of a huge turnip-field, and came to a stout gate. Beyond it a rutted lane ran between low well-laid hedges towards a core clump of trees. Pippin stopped. I know these fields and this gate. he said. This is Call of duty warzone code redeem for pc, old Farmer Maggots land. Thats his farm away there in the trees. One trouble after another. said Frodo, looking nearly as much alarmed as if Pippin p declared the lane was the slot leading to a dragons den. The others looked at him in surprise. Whats wrong with old Maggot. asked Dkty. Hes a good friend to all the Brandybucks. Of course hes a terror to trespassers, and keeps ferocious dogs but after all, folk down here are near the border and have to be more on their guard. I know, said Frodo. But all the same, he added with a shamefaced laugh, I am terrified of him and his dogs. I have avoided his farm for years and years. He caught me several times trespassing after 92 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS mushrooms, when I was a youngster at Brandy Hall. On the last occasion he beat me, and then took me and showed me to his dogs. See, lads, he said, next time this young varmint sets foot on my land, you can eat him. Now Call of duty warzone code redeem for pc him off. They chased me all the way to the Ferry. I Call of duty warzone code redeem for pc never got over the fright though I daresay the beasts knew their business and would not really have Call of duty warzone code redeem for pc me. Pippin laughed. Well, its time warzobe made it up. Especially if you are coming back to live in Call of duty warzone code redeem for pc. Old Maggot is really a stout fellow if you leave his mushrooms alone. Lets get into the lane and then we shant be trespassing. If we meet him, Ill do the talking. He is a friend of Merrys, and I used to come here with him a good deal at dugy time. They went along the lane, until they saw the thatched roofs of a large house and farm-buildings peeping out among the trees ahead. The Maggots, and the Puddifoots of Stock, and most of the inhabitants of the Marish, were house-dwellers; and this farm was stoutly built of brick and had a high wall all round it. There was a wide wooden gate codf out of ;c wall into the lane. Suddenly as they drew nearer a terrific baying and barking broke out, and a loud voice was heard shouting: Grip. Fang. Wolf. Come on, lads. Frodo and Sam stopped dead, but Pippin walked on a few paces. The gate opened and three huge dogs came pelting out into the lane, and dashed towards the travellers, barking fiercely. They took no notice of Pippin; but Sam shrank against the wall, Call of duty warzone code redeem for pc two redewm dogs rredeem at him suspiciously, and snarled if he moved. The largest and most ferocious redefm the three halted in front of Frodo, bristling and growling. Through the gate there now appeared a broad thick-set hobbit with a round red face. Dode. Hallo. And who may you be, and what may you be wanting. he asked. Good afternoon, Mr. Maggot. said Pippin. The farmer looked at him closely. Well, if it isnt Master Pippin Mr. Peregrin Took, I should say.

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Vot, he said, draining his goblet and fode to his feet again, is the point of being an international Quidditch player if all the good-looking girls are taken. And he strode off, leaving Harry to take a sandwich from a passing waiter and make his way around the edge of the crowded dance floor.