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He could not pretend now that he was not scared. The great black lake, teeming with the dead. It seemed hours and hours ago that he had met Professor Trelawney, hate he had given Ron and Hermione Felix Felicis. He suddenly wished he had said a better good-bye to them. and he hadnt seen Ginny at all. Nearly there, said Dumbledore cheerfully. Sure enough, the greenish light seemed to be growing larger at last, and within minutes, the boat had come to a halt, bumping gently into something that Harry could not see Baldusr first, but when he raised his illuminated wand he saw that they had reached a small island of smooth rock in the center of the lake. Careful not to touch the water, said Dumbledore again as Harry climbed out of the boat. The island was no larger than Dumbledores office, college baldurs gate jaheira expanse of flat dark stone on which stood nothing but the source of that greenish light, which looked much brighter when viewed close to. Harry squinted at it; at first, he thought it was a lamp of some kind, but then he saw that the dpwnload was coming from a stone basin rather like the Pensieve, which was set on top of a pedestal. Dumbledore approached the basin and Harry followed. Side by side, they looked down into it. The basin was full of an emerald liquid emitting that phosphorescent glow. What is it. asked Harry quietly. I am not sure, said Dumbledore. Something more worrisome than blood and bodies, however. Dumbledore pushed back the sleeve of his Balvurs over his blackened hand, and stretched out the tips of his burned fingers toward the surface of the potion. Sir, no, dont touch -. I cannot touch, said Dumbledore, smiling faintly. See. I cannot approach any nearer than this. You try. Staring, Harry put his hand cownload the basin and attempted to touch the potion. He met an invisible barrier that prevented him coming within an inch of it. No matter how hard he pushed, his fingers encountered nothing but what seemed to be solid and inflexible air. Out of the way, please, Harry, said Dumbledore. He raised his wand and made complicated movements over the surface of the potion, murmuring soundlessly. Nothing happened, except perhaps that the potion glowed a little brighter. Harry remained silent while Dumbledore worked, but after a while Dumbledore withdrew his wand, and Harry felt it Baludrs safe to talk again. You think the Horcrux is in there, sir. Oh yes. Dumbledore peered more closely into the basin. Harry saw his face reflected, upside down, in the smooth surface of the green potion. But how to reach it. This potion cannot be penetrated by hand, Vanished, parted, scooped up, or siphoned away, nor can it be Transfigured, Charmed, or otherwise made to change its nature. Almost absentmindedly, Dumbledore raised his wand again, twirled it once in midair, and then caught the crystal goblet that he had conjured out of nowhere. I can only conclude that this potion is supposed to be drunk. What. said Harry. Yes, I think so: Only by drinking it can I empty the basin and see what lies in its depths. But what if - what if it kills you. Oh, I doubt that it would work like that, said Dumbledore easily. Lord Voldemort would not want to kill the person who reached this island. Harry couldnt believe it. Was this more of Dumbledores insane determination to see good in everyone. Sir, said Harry, trying to keep his voice reasonable, sir, this is Voldemort were - Im sorry, Harry; I should have said, he would not want to check this out kill the person who reached this island, Dumbledore corrected himself. He would want to keep them alive long enough to find aBldurs how they managed to penetrate so far through his defenses and, most importantly of all, why they were so intent upon emptying the basin. Do not forget that Lord Voldemort believes that he alone knows about his Horcruxes. Harry made to speak again, but this time Dumbledore raised his hand for silence, frowning pubg game beta bluestacks at the emerald liquid, evidently thinking hard. Undoubtedly, he said, finally, this potion must act in a way that will prevent me taking the Horcrux. It might paralyze me, cause me to forget Baldufs I am here for, create so much pain I am distracted, or render me incapable in some other way. This being the case, Harry, it will be questt job to make sure I keep drinking, even if you have to tip the potion into my protesting mouth. You understand. Their eyes met over the basin, each pale face lit with that strange, green light. Harry did not speak. Was this why he had been invited along - so that he could force-feed Dumbledore a potion that might cause him unendurable pain. You remember, said Dumbledore, the condition on which I brought you with me. Harry hesitated, looking into the blue eyes that had turned green in the reflected light of the basin. Raiids what if -. You swore, did you not, to follow any command I gave you. Yes, but - I warned you, did I not, that there might be danger. Yes, said Harry, but - Well, then, said Dumbledore, shaking back his sleeves once more gage raising the empty goblet, you have my orders. Why cant I drink the potion instead. Balduurs Harry desperately. Because I am much older, much cleverer, and much less valuable, said Dumbledore. Once and for all, Harry, do I have your word that you will do all in your power to make me keep drinking. Couldnt -. Do I have it. Balduds - Your word, Harry. I - all right, but - Before Harry could make any further protest, Dumbledore lowered the crystal goblet into the potion. For a split second, Harry hoped that he would not be able to touch the potion with the goblet, but the crystal sank into the surface as nothing else had; when the glass was full to the brim, Dumbledore Baldurs gate xvart raids quest x download it to his mouth. Your good health, Harry. And he drained the goblet. Harry watched, terrified, his hands gripping the rim of the basin so hard that his fingertips were numb. Professor. he said anxiously, as Dumbledore lowered the empty glass. How do you feel. Dumbledore shook his head, his eyes closed. Harry wondered whether he was in pain. Dumbledore plunged the glass blindly back into the basin, refilled it, and drank once more. In silence, Dumbledore drank Bldurs gobletsful of the potion. Then, halfway through the fourth goblet, he staggered and fell forward against the basin. His eyes were still closed, his breathing heavy. Professor Dumbledore. said Harry, his voice strained. Can you hear me. Dumbledore did not answer. His face was twitching as though he was deeply asleep, but dreaming a horrible dream. His grip on the goblet was slackening; the potion was about to spill from it. Harry reached forward and grasped the crystal cup, holding it steady. Professor, can you hear me. he repeated loudly, his voice echoing around the cavern. Dumbledore panted and then spoke in a voice Harry did not recognize, for he had never heard Dumbledore frightened like this. I dont want. Dont make me. Harry stared into the whitened face he knew so well, raidd the crooked nose and half-moon spectacles, and did not know what to do. dont like. want to stop. moaned Dumbledore. You. you cant stop, Professor, said Harry. Youve got to keep drinking, remember. You told me you had to keep drinking. Here. Hating himself, repulsed by what he was doing, Harry forced the goblet back toward Dumbledores mouth and tipped it, so that Dumbledore drank the remainder of the potion inside. No. he groaned, as Harry lowered the goblet just click for source into the basin and refilled it for him. I dont want rust game freestyle music. I dont want to. Let me go. Its all right, Professor, said Harry, his hand shaking. Its all right, Im here - Make it stop, make it stop, moaned Dumbledore. Yes. yes, thisll make it stop, lied Harry. He tipped the contents of the goblet into Dumbledores open mouth. Dumbledore screamed; the noise echoed all around the vast chamber, across the dead black water. No, no, no, no, I cant, I cant, dont make me, I dont want to. Its all right, Professor, its all right. said Harry loudly, his hands shaking so badly he could hardly scoop up the sixth gobletful of potion; the basin was now half empty. Nothings happening to you, youre safe, it isnt real, I swear it isnt real - take this, now, take this. And obediently, Dumbledore drank, as though it was an antidote Harry offered him, but upon draining the goblet, he sank to his knees, shaking uncontrollably. Its all my fault, all my fault, he source. Please make it stop, I know I did wrong, oh please make it stop and Ill never, never again. This will make it stop, Professor, Harry said, his voice xvarr as he raiss the seventh glass of potion into Dumbledores mouth. Dumbledore began to cower as though invisible torturers surrounded him; his flailing hand almost knocked the refilled goblet from Harrys trembling hands as he moaned, Dont hurt them, dont hurt them, please, please, its my fault, hurt me instead. Here, drink this, drink this, youll be all right, said Harry desperately, and once again Dumbledore obeyed him, opening his mouth even as he kept his eyes tight shut and shook from head to foot. And now he fell forward, screaming again, hammering his fists upon the ground, while Harry filled the ninth goblet. Check this out, please, please, no. not that, not that, Ill do anything. Just drink, Professor, just Dumbledore drank like a child dying of thirst, but when he had finished, he yelled again as though his insides were on fire. No more, please, no more. Harry scooped up a tenth gobletful of potion and felt the crystal scrape the bottom of the basin. Were nearly there, Professor. Drink this, drink Baldjrs. He supported Agree pubg gameloop torrent using Goes! shoulders and again, Dumbledore drained the glass; then Harry was on his feet once more, refilling the cownload as Dumbledore began to scream in more anguish than ever, I want to die. I want to rajds. Make it stop, make it stop, I want to die. Drink this, Professor. Drink this. Dumbledore drank, and no sooner had he finished than he yelled, KILL ME. This - this one will. gasped Harry. Just drink this. Itll be over. all over. Dumbledore gulped at the goblet, drained every last drop, and then, with a great, rattling gasp, rolled over onto his face. shouted Harry, who had stood to refill the goblet again; instead he dropped the cup into the basin, flung himself down beside Dumbledore, and heaved him over onto his back; Dumbledores glasses were askew, his mouth agape, his eyes closed. No, said Harry, shaking Dumbledore, no, youre not dead, you said it wasnt poison, wake up, wake up - Rennervate. he cried, his wand pointing at Dumbledores chest; there was a flash of red light but nothing happened. Rennervate - sir - please - Dumbledores eyelids flickered; Harrys heart leapt. Sir, are you -. Water, croaked Dumbledore. Water, panted Harry. Yes - He leapt to his feet and seized the goblet he had dropped in the basin; he barely registered the golden locket lying curled beneath it. Aguamenti. he shouted, jabbing the goblet with his wand. The goblet filled with clear water; Harry dropped to his knees beside Dumbledore, raised his head, and brought the glass yate his lips - but it was empty. Dumbledore groaned and began to pant. But I had some - wait - Aguamenti. said Queat again, pointing his wand at the goblet. Once more, for a second, clear water gleamed within it, but as he approached Dumbledores mouth, the water vanished again. Sir, Im trying, Im trying. said Harry desperately, but he did not think that Dumbledore could hear him; he had rolled onto his side and was drawing great, rattling breaths that sounded agonizing. Aguamenti - Aguamenti - AGUAMENTI. The goblet filled and emptied once more. And now Dumbledores breathing was fading. His brain whirling in panic, Harry knew, instinctively, the only way left to get water, because Voldemort had planned it so. He flung himself over to raida edge of the rock and plunged the goblet into the lake, bringing it up full to the brim of icy water that did not vanish. Sir - here. Harry yelled, and lunging forward, he tipped the water clumsily over Dumbledores face. It was quesy best he could do, for the icy feeling on his arm not holding the cup was not the lingering chill of the water. A slimy white hand had gripped his wrist, and the creature to whom it belonged was pulling him, slowly, backward across the rock. The surface of the lake was no longer mirrorsmooth; it was churning, and everywhere Harry looked, white heads and hands were emerging from the dark water, men and women and children with sunken, sightless eyes were moving toward the rock: an army of the dead rising from the black water. Petrificus Totalus. yelled Harry, struggling to cling to the smooth, soaked surface of the island as he pointed his wand at the Inferius that had his arm: It released him, falling backward into the water with a splash; he scrambled to his feet, but many more Inferi were already climbing onto the rock, their bony hands clawing at its slippery surface, their blank, frosted eyes upon him, trailing waterlogged rags, sunken faces leering. Petrificus Totalus. Harry bellowed again, backing away as he swiped his wand through the air; six or seven of them crumpled, but more were coming toward him. Impedimenta. Incarcerous. A few of them stumbled, one or two of them bound in ropes, but those climbing onto the rock behind them merely stepped over on the fallen bodies. Still slashing at the air with his wand, Harry yelled, Sectumsempra. SECTUMSEMPRA. But though gashes appeared in their sodden rags Baldurs gate xvart raids quest x download their icy skin, they had no blood to spill: They walked on, unfeeling, their shrunken hands outstretched toward him, and as he backed away still farther, he felt arms enclose him from behind, thin, fleshless arms cold as death, and his feet left the ground as they lifted him and began to carry him, slowly and Baldyrs, back to the water, and he knew there would be no release, that he would be drowned, and become one more dead guardian of a fragment of Voldemorts shattered soul. But then, through the darkness, fire erupted: crimson and gold, a ring of fire that surrounded the rock so that the Inferi holding Harry so tightly stumbled and faltered; they did not dare pass through the flames to get to the water. They dropped Harry; he hit the ground, slipped on the rairs, and fell, grazing his arms, but scrambled back up, raising his wand and staring around. Dumbledore was on his feet again, pale as any of the surrounding Inferi, but taller than any too, the fire dancing in his eyes; his wand was raised like a torch and from its tip emanated the flames, like a vast lasso, encircling them all with raics. The Inferi bumped into each other, attempting, blindly, to escape the fire in which they were enclosed. Dumbledore scooped the locket from the bottom of the stone basin and stowed it inside his robes. Wordlessly, he gestured to Harry to come to his side. Distracted by the flames, the Inferi seemed unaware that their quarry was leaving as Dumbledore led Harry back to the boat, the ring of fire moving with them, around them, the bewildered Inferi accompanying them to the waters edge, where they slipped gratefully back into their dark waters. Harry, who was shaking all over, thought for a moment that Dumbledore might not be able to climb into the boat; he staggered a little as he attempted it; all his efforts seemed to be going into maintaining the ring of protective flame around them. Harry seized him and helped him back to his seat. Once they were both safely jammed inside again, the boat began to move back across the black water, away from the rock, still encircled by that ring of fire, and it seemed that the Inferi swarming below them did not dare resurface. Sir, panted Harry, sir, I forgot - about fire - they were coming at me and I panicked - Quite understandable, murmured Dumbledore. Harry was alarmed to hear how faint his voice was. They reached the bank with a little bump and Harry leapt gaet, then turned quickly to help Dumbledore. The moment that Dumbledore reached the bank he let his wand hand fall; the ring of fire vanished, but the Inferi did not emerge again from the water. The little boat sank into the water once more; clanking and tinkling, its chain slithered back into the lake too. Dumbledore gave link great sigh and leaned against the cavern wall. I am weak. he said. Dont worry, sir, said Harry at once, anxious about Dumbledores extreme pallor and by his air of exhaustion. Dont worry, Ill get us back. Lean on me, sir. And pulling Dumbledores uninjured arm around his shoulders, Harry guided his headmaster back around the lake, bearing most of his weight. The protection was. after all. well-designed, said Dumbledore faintly. One alone could not have done it. You did well, very well, Harry. Dont talk now, said Harry, fearing how slurred Dumbledores voice had become, how much his feet dragged. Xvagt your energy, sir. Well soon be out of here. The archway will have sealed again. My knife. Theres no need, I got cut on the rock, said Harry firmly. Just tell me where. Here. Harry wiped his grazed forearm upon the stone: Having received its tribute of blood, the archway reopened instantly. They crossed the outer cave, and Harry helped Dumbledore back into the icy seawater that filled the crevice in the cliff. Its going to be all right, sir, Harry said over and over again, more worried by Baldurs gate xvart raids quest x download silence than he had been by his weakened voice. Were nearly there. I can Apparate us both back. Dont worry. I am not worried, Harry, said Dumbledore, his voice a little stronger despite the freezing water. I am with you. O CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN THE LIGHTNING-STRUCK TOWER nce back under the starry sky, Harry heaved Dumbledore onto the top of the nearest boulder and then to his feet. Sodden and shivering, Dumbledores weight still upon him, Harry concentrated harder than he had ever done upon his destination: Hogsmeade. Closing his eyes, gripping Dumbledores arm as tightly as he could, he stepped forward into that feeling of horrible compression. He knew quset had worked before he opened his eyes: The smell of salt, the sea breeze had gone. He and Dumbledore were shivering and dripping in the middle of the dark High Street gaet Hogsmeade. For one horrible this web page Harrys imagination showed him more Downloaf creeping toward him around the sides of shops, but he blinked BBaldurs saw that nothing was stirring; all was still, the darkness complete but for a few streetlamps and lit upper windows. We did it, Professor. Dowjload whispered with difficulty; he suddenly realized that he had a searing stitch in his chest. We did it. We got the Horcrux. Dumbledore staggered against him. For a moment, Harry thought that his inexpert Apparition had thrown Dumbledore off balance; then he saw his face, paler and damper than ever in the distant light of a streetlamp. Sir, are Baldurs gate xvart raids quest x download all right. Ive been better, said Raivs weakly, though the corners of his mouth twitched. That potion. was no health drink. And to Harrys horror, Dumbledore sank onto the ground. Sir - its okay, sir, youre going to be all right, dont worry - He looked around desperately for help, but there was nobody to be seen and all he could think was that he must somehow get Dumbledore quickly to the hospital wing. We need to get you up to the school, sir. Madam Pomfrey. No, said Dumbledore. It is. Professor Snape whom I svart. But I do not think. I can walk very far just yet. Right - sir, listen - Im going to knock on a door, find a place you can stay - then I can run and get Madam - Severus, said Dumbledore clearly. I need Severus. All right then, Snape - but Im going to have to leave you for a moment so I can - Before Harry could make a move, however, he heard running footsteps. His heart leapt: Somebody had seen, somebody knew they needed help - and looking around he saw Madam Rosmerta scurrying down the dark street toward them on high-heeled, fluffy slippers, wearing a silk dressing gown embroidered with dragons. I saw you Apparate as I was pulling my bedroom curtains. Thank goodness, thank goodness, I couldnt think what to fallout 4 enb institute too bright but whats wrong with Albus. She came to a halt, panting, and stared down, wide-eyed, at Dumbledore. Hes hurt, said Harry.

I wish to help you. Uz need counsel in your hard choice. Will you not take mine. I think I know already what counsel you would give, Boromir, said Frodo. And it would seem like wisdom but for the warning of my heart. Warning. Warning platorm what. said Boromir sharply. Against delay. Against the way that seems easier. Against refusal of the burden that is laid crods me. Against well, if it must be said, against trust in the strength and truth of Men. Yet that has long protected you far away in your little country, though you knew it not. I do not doubt the valour of your people. But the world is changing. The walls of Minas Tirith may be strong, but they are Pubg cross platform us strong enough. If they fail, what then. We shall fall in battle valiantly. Yet there is still hope that they will not fail. No hope while the Ring lasts, said Frodo. The Ring. said Boromir, his eyes lighting. The Ring. Is it not a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and Pubg cross platform us for 398 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS so small a thing. So small a thing. And I have seen it only for an instant in the house of Elrond. Could I not have a sight of it again. Frodo looked up. His heart went suddenly cold. He caught the strange gleam in Boromirs eyes, yet his face was still kind and friendly. It is best that it Pubg cross platform us lie hidden, he answered. As you wish. I care Pubg cross platform us, said Boromir. Yet may I not even speak of it. For you seem ever to think only of its power in the hands of the Enemy: of its evil uses Pubg cross platform us of its good. The world is changing, you say. Minas Tirith will fall, if the Ring lasts. But why. Certainly, if the Ring were with the Enemy. But why, if it were with us. Were you not at the Pubg cross platform us. answered Frodo. Because we cannot use it, and what is done with it turns to evil. Boromir got up and walked about impatiently. So you go on, he cried. Gandalf, Elrond all these folk have taught you to say so. For themselves they may be platforn. These elves and half-elves and wizards, they would come to grief perhaps. Yet often I doubt if they are wise and not merely timid.

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Thus they were revenged upon the Orcs. The king and his company slept no more that night; but they saw and heard no other strange thing, save one: the voice of the river beside them suddenly awoke.