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And for all that walk the world in these after-days. For such is the way of it: to find and lose, as it seems to those whose boat is on the running stream. But I count you blessed, Gimli son of Glo´in: for your loss you suffer of your own free will, and you might have chosen otherwise. But you have not forsaken your companions, and the least reward that you shall have is that the memory of Lothlo´rien shall remain ever clear and unstained in your heart, and shall neither fade nor grow stale. Maybe, said Gimli; and I thank you for your words. True words doubtless; yet all such comfort is cold. Memory is not what the heart desires. That is only a mirror, be it clear as Kheled-zaˆram. Or so says the heart of Gimli the Dwarf. Elves may see things otherwise. Indeed F AR EWELL T O L O´ R IE N 379 I have heard that for them memory is more like to the waking world than to a dream. Not so for Dwarves. But let us talk no more of it. Look to the boat. She is too low in the water with all Teknor apex zero-g rv and marine hose baggage, and the Great River is swift. I do not wish to drown my grief in cold water. He took up a paddle, and steered towards the western bank, following Aragorns boat ahead, which had already moved out of the middle stream. So the Company went on their long way, down the wide hurrying waters, borne ever southwards. Bare woods stalked along either bank, and they could not see any glimpse of the lands behind. The breeze died away and the River flowed without a sound. No voice of bird broke the silence. The sun grew misty as the day grew old, until it gleamed in a pale sky like a high white pearl. Then it faded into the West, and dusk came early, followed by a grey and starless night. Far into the dark quiet hours they floated on, guiding their boats under the overhanging shadows of the western woods. Great trees passed by like ghosts, thrusting their twisted thirsty roots through the mist down into the water. It was dreary and cold. Frodo sat and listened to the faint lap and gurgle of the River fretting among the tree-roots and driftwood near the shore, until his head nodded and he fell into an uneasy sleep. Chapter 9 THE GREAT RIVER Frodo was roused by Sam. He found that he was lying, well wrapped, under tall grey-skinned trees in a quiet corner of the woodlands on the west bank of the Great River, Anduin. He had slept the night away, and the grey of morning was dim among the bare branches. Gimli was busy with a small fire near at hand. They started again before the day was broad. Not that most of the Company were eager to hurry southwards: they were content that the decision, which they must make at latest when they came to Rauros and the Tindrock Isle, still lay some days ahead; and they let the River bear them on at its own pace, having no desire to hasten towards the perils that lay beyond, whichever course they took in the end. Aragorn let them drift with the stream as they wished, husbanding their strength against weariness to come. But he insisted that at least they should start early each day and journey on far into the evening; for he felt in his heart that time was pressing, and he feared that the Dark Lord had one support pubg gameloop xbox been idle while they lingered in Lo´rien. Nonetheless they saw no sign of any enemy that day, nor the next. The dull grey hours passed without event. As the third day of their voyage wore on the lands changed slowly: the trees thinned and then failed altogether. On the eastern bank to their left they saw long formless slopes stretching up and away towards the sky; brown and withered they looked, as if fire had passed over them, leaving no living blade of green: an unfriendly waste without even a broken tree or a bold stone to relieve the emptiness. They had come to the Brown Lands that lay, vast and desolate, between Southern Mirkwood and the hills of the Emyn Muil. What pestilence or war or evil deed of the Enemy had so blasted all that region even Aragorn could not tell. Upon the west to their right the land was treeless also, but it was flat, and in many places green with wide plains of grass. On this side of the River they passed forests of great reeds, so tall that they shut out all view to the west, as the little boats went rustling by along their fluttering borders. Their dark withered plumes bent and tossed in the light cold airs, hissing softly and sadly. Here and there through openings Frodo could catch sudden glimpses of rolling meads, and far beyond them hills in the sunset, and away on the edge of sight a dark line, where marched the southernmost ranks of the Misty Mountains. T HE GREAT RI V ER 381 There was no sign of living moving things, save birds. Of these there were many: small fowl whistling and piping in the reeds, but they were seldom seen. Once or twice the travellers heard the rush and whine of swan-wings, and looking up they saw a great phalanx streaming along the sky. Swans. said Sam. And mighty big ones too. Yes, said Aragorn, and they are black swans. How wide and empty and mournful all this country looks. said Frodo. I always imagined that as one journeyed south it got warmer and merrier, until winter was left behind for ever. But we have not journeyed far south yet, answered Aragorn. It is still winter, and we are far from the sea. Here the world is cold until the sudden spring, and we may yet have snow again. Far away down in the Bay of Belfalas, to which Anduin runs, it is warm and merry, maybe, or would be but for the Enemy. But here we are not above sixty leagues, I guess, south of the Southfarthing away in your Shire, hundreds of long miles yonder. You are looking now southwest across Teknor apex zero-g rv and marine hose north article source of the Riddermark, Rohan the land of the Horse-lords. Ere long we shall come to the mouth of the Limlight that runs down from Fangorn to join the Great River. That is the north boundary of Rohan; and of old all that lay between Limlight and the White Mountains belonged to the Rohirrim. It is a rich and pleasant land, and its grass has no rival; but in these evil days folk do not dwell by the River or ride often to its shores. Anduin is wide, yet the orcs can shoot their arrows far across the stream; and of late, it is said, they have dared to cross the water and raid the herds and studs of Rohan. Sam looked from bank to bank uneasily. The trees had seemed hostile before, as if they harboured secret eyes and lurking dangers; now he wished that the trees were still there. He felt that the Company was too naked, afloat in little open boats in the midst of shelterless lands, and on a river that was the frontier of war. In the next day or two, as they went on, borne steadily southwards, this feeling of insecurity grew on all the Company. For a whole day they took to their paddles and hastened forward. The banks slid by. Soon the River broadened and grew more shallow; long stony beaches lay upon the east, and there were gravel-shoals in the water, so that careful steering was needed. The Brown Lands rose into bleak wolds, over which flowed a chill air from the Latest booster version pubg free game download. On the other side the meads had become rolling downs of withered grass amidst a land of fen and tussock. Frodo shivered, thinking of the lawns and fountains, the clear sun and gentle rains of Lothlo´rien. There was little speech and no laughter in any of the boats. Each member of the Company was busy with his own thoughts. 382 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS The heart of Legolas was running under the stars of a summer night in some northern glade amid the beech-woods; Gimli was fingering gold in his mind, and wondering if it were fit to be wrought into the housing of the Ladys gift. Merry and Pippin in the middle boat were ill at ease, for Boromir sat muttering to himself, sometimes biting his nails, as if some restlessness or doubt consumed him, sometimes seizing a paddle and driving the boat close behind Aragorns. Then Pippin, who sat in the bow looking back, caught a queer gleam in his eye, as he peered forward gazing at Frodo. Sam had long ago made up his mind that, though boats were maybe not as dangerous as he had been brought up to believe, they were far more uncomfortable than even he had imagined. He was cramped and miserable, having nothing to do but stare at the winter-lands crawling by and the grey water on either side of him. Even when the paddles were in use they did not trust Sam with one. As dusk drew down on the fourth day, he was looking back over the bowed heads of Frodo and Aragorn and the following boats; he was drowsy and longed for camp and the feel of earth under his toes. Suddenly something caught his sight: at first he stared at it listlessly, then he sat up and rubbed his eyes; but when he looked again he could not see it any more. That night they camped on a small eyot close to the western bank. Sam lay rolled in blankets beside Frodo. I had a funny dream an hour or two before we stopped, Mr. Frodo, he said. Or maybe it wasnt a dream. Funny it was anyway. Well, what was it. said Frodo, knowing that Sam would not settle down until he had told his tale, whatever go here was. I havent seen or thought of anything to make me smile since we left Lothlo´rien. It wasnt funny that way, Mr. Frodo. It was queer. All wrong, if it wasnt a dream. And you had best hear it. It was like this: I saw a log with eyes. The logs all right, said Frodo. There are many in the River. But leave out the eyes. That I wont, said Sam. Twas the eyes as made me sit up, so to speak. I saw what I took to be a log floating along in the half-light behind Gimlis boat; but I didnt give much heed to it. Then it seemed as if the log was slowly catching us up. And that was peculiar, as you might say, seeing as we were all floating on the stream together. Just then I saw the eyes: two pale sort of points, shiny-like, on a hump at the near end of the log. Whats more, it wasnt a log, for it had paddle-feet, like a swans almost, only they seemed bigger, and kept dipping in and out of the water. Thats when I sat right up and rubbed my eyes, meaning to give T HE GREAT RI V ER 383 a shout, if it was still there when I had rubbed the drowse out of my head. For the whatever-it-was was coming along fast now and getting close behind Gimli. But whether those two lamps spotted me moving and staring, or whether I came to my senses, I dont know. When I looked again, it wasnt there. Yet I think I caught a glimpse, with the tail of my eye, as the saying is, of something dark shooting under the shadow of the bank. I couldnt see no more eyes, though. I said to myself: dreaming again, Sam Gamgee, I said; and I said no more just then. But Ive been thinking since, and now Im not so sure. What do you make of it, Mr. Frodo. I should make nothing of it but a log and the dusk and sleep in your eyes, Sam, said Frodo, if this was the first time that countdown jokes eyes had been seen. But it isnt. I saw them away back north before we reached Lo´rien. And I saw a strange creature with eyes climbing to the flet that night. Haldir saw it too. And do you remember the report of the Elves that went after the orc-band. Ah, said Sam, I do; and I remember more too. I dont like my thoughts; but thinking of one thing and another, and Mr. Bilbos stories and all, I fancy I could put a name on the creature, at a guess. A nasty name. Gollum, maybe. Yes, that is what I have feared for some time, said Frodo. Ever since the night on the flet. I suppose he was lurking in Moria, and picked up our trail then; but I hoped that our stay in Lo´rien would throw him off the scent again. The miserable creature must have been hiding in the woods by the Silverlode, watching us start off. Thats about it, said Sam. And wed better be a bit more watchful ourselves, or well feel some nasty fingers round our necks one of these nights, if we ever wake up to feel anything. And thats what I was leading up to. No need to trouble Strider or the others tonight. Ill keep watch. I can sleep tomorrow, being no more than luggage in a boat, as you might say. I might, said Frodo, and I might say luggage with eyes. You shall watch; but only if you promise to wake me half-way towards morning, Teknor apex zero-g rv and marine hose nothing happens before then. In the dead hours Frodo came out of a deep dark sleep to find Sam shaking him. Its a shame to wake you, whispered Sam, but thats what you said. Theres nothing to tell, or not much. I thought I heard some soft plashing and a sniffing noise, a while back; but you hear a lot of such queer sounds by a river at night. He lay down, and Frodo sat up, huddled in his blankets, and fought off his sleep. Minutes or hours passed slowly, and nothing happened. Frodo was just yielding to the temptation to lie down again when a dark shape, hardly visible, floated close to one of the 384 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS moored boats. A long whitish hand could be dimly seen as it shot out and grabbed the gunwale; two pale lamplike eyes shone coldly as they peered inside, and then they lifted and gazed up at Frodo on the eyot. They were not more than a yard or two away, and Frodo heard the soft hiss of intaken breath. He stood up, drawing Sting from its sheath, and faced the eyes. Immediately their light was shut off. There was another hiss and a splash, and the dark log-shape shot away downstream into the night. Aragorn stirred in his sleep, turned over, and sat up. What is it. he whispered, springing up and coming to Frodo. I felt something in my sleep. Why have you drawn your sword. Gollum, answered Frodo. Or at least, so I guess. said Aragorn. So you know about our little footpad, do you. He padded after us all through Moria and right down to Nimrodel. Since we took to boats, he has been lying on newcastle recolors apex log and paddling with hands and feet. I have tried to catch him once or twice at night; but he is slier than a fox, and as slippery as a fish. I hoped the river-voyage would beat him, but he is too clever a waterman. We shall have to try going faster tomorrow. You lie down now, and I will keep watch for what is left of the night. I wish I could lay my hands on the wretch. We might make him useful. But if I cannot, we shall have to try and lose him. He is very dangerous. Quite apart from murder by night on his own account, he may put any enemy that is about on our track. The night passed without Gollum showing so much as a shadow again. After that the Company kept a sharp look-out, but they saw no more of Gollum while the voyage lasted. If he was still following, he was pubg game computer download wary and cunning. At Aragorns bidding they paddled now for long spells, and the banks went swiftly by. But they saw little of the country, for they journeyed mostly by night and twilight, resting by day, and lying as hidden as the land allowed. In this way the time passed without event until the seventh day. The weather was still grey and overcast, with wind from the East, but as evening drew into night the sky away westward cleared, and pools of faint light, yellow and pale green, opened under the grey shores of cloud. There the white rind of the new Moon could be seen glimmering in the remote lakes. Sam looked at it and puckered his brows. The next day the country on either side began to change rapidly. The banks began to rise and grow stony. Soon they were passing through a hilly rocky land, and on both shores there were steep slopes buried in deep brakes of thorn and sloe, tangled with brambles and creepers. Behind them stood low crumbling cliffs, and chimneys of T HE GREAT RI V ER 385 grey weathered stone dark with ivy; and beyond these again there rose high ridges crowned with wind-writhen firs. They were drawing near to the click to see more hill-country of the Emyn Muil, the southern march of Wilderland. There were many birds about the cliffs and the rock-chimneys, and all day high in the air flocks of birds had been circling, black against the pale sky. As they lay in their camp that day Aragorn watched the flights doubtfully, wondering if Gollum had been doing some mischief and the news of their voyage was now moving in the wilderness. Later as the sun was setting, and the Company was stirring and getting ready to start again, he descried a dark spot against the fading light: a great bird high and far off, now wheeling, now flying on slowly southwards. What is that, Legolas. he asked, pointing to the northern sky. Is it, as I think, an eagle. Yes, said Legolas. It is an eagle, a hunting eagle. I wonder what that forebodes. It is far from the mountains. We will not start until it is fully dark, said Aragorn. The eighth night of their journey came. It was silent and windless; the grey east wind had passed away. The thin crescent of the Moon had fallen early into the pale sunset, but the sky was clear above, and though far away in the South there were great ranges of cloud that still shone faintly, in the West stars glinted bright. Come.

Within hours of Scrimgeours appointment we met and he demanded that I arrange a meeting with you - So thats why you argued. Harry blurted out. It was in the Daily Prophet. The Prophet is bound to report the truth occasionally, said Dumbledore, if only fames. Yes, that was why we argued. Well, Pubg games unblocked queen appears that Rufus found a way to corner you at last. He accused me of being Dumbledores man through and through. How very rude of him. I told him I was. Dumbledore opened his mouth to speak and here closed it again. Behind Harry, Fawkes the phoenix let out a qkeen, soft, musical cry. To Harrys intense embarrassment, he suddenly realized that Dumbledores bright blue eyes looked rather watery, and stared hastily at his own knees. When Dumbledore spoke, however, his voice was quite steady. I am very touched, Harry. Scrimgeour wanted to know where you go when youre not at Hogwarts, said Harry, still looking fixedly at his knees. Yes, he is very nosy about that, said Dumbledore, now sounding cheerful, and Harry thought it safe to look up again. He has even attempted to have me followed. Amusing, really. He unblocied Dawlish to tail me. It wasnt kind. I have already been forced to jinx Dawlish once; I did it again with the greatest regret. So they still dont know where you go. asked Harry, hoping for more information on this intriguing subject, but Dumbledore merely smiled over the top of his half-moon spectacles. No, they dont, and the time is not quite right for you to qkeen either. Now, I suggest we press on, unless theres anything else -. There is, actually, sir, said Harry. Its about Malfoy and Snape. Professor Snape, Harry. Yes, sir. I overheard them during Professor Slughorns party. well, I followed them, actually. Dumbledore listened to Harrys story with gamds impassive face. When Harry had finished he did not speak for a few moments, then said, Thank you for telling me this, Harry, but I suggest that you put it out of your mind. I do not think that it is of great importance. Not of great importance. repeated Harry incredulously. Professor, did you understand -. Yes, Harry, blessed as I am with extraordinary brainpower, I understood everything you told me, said Dumbledore, a little sharply. I think you might even consider the possibility that I understood more than you did. Again, I am glad that you have confided in me, but let me reassure you that you have not told me anything that causes me disquiet. Harry sat in seething silence, glaring at Dumbledore. What was going on. Did this mean that Dumbledore had Pubg games unblocked queen ordered Snape to find out what Malfoy was doing, in which case he had already heard everything Harry had just told him from Snape. Or was he really worried by what he had heard, but pretending not to be. So, sir, said Harry, in what he hoped was a polite, calm voice, you definitely still trust -. Pubg games unblocked queen have been tolerant enough to answer that question already, said Dumbledore, but he did not sound very tolerant anymore. My answer has not changed. I should think not, said a snide voice; Phineas Nigellus was evidently only pretending to be asleep. Dumbledore ignored him. And now, Harry, Qkeen must insist that we press on. I have more important things to discuss with you this evening. Harry sat there feeling mutinous. How would it be if he refused to permit the change of subject, if he insisted queenn arguing the case against Malfoy. As though he had read Harrys mind, Dumbledore shook his head. Ah, Harry, how often this happens, even between the best of friends. Each of us believes that what he has to say is much more important than anything the other might have to contribute. I dont think what youve got to say is unimportant, sir, said Harry stiffly. Well, you are quite right, because it is not, unblockked Dumbledore briskly. I have two more memories to show you this evening, both obtained with enormous difficulty, and the second of them is, I think, the most important I have collected. Harry did not say anything to this; he still felt angry at the reception his confidences had received, but could not see what was to be gained by arguing further. So, said Dumbledore, in a ringing voice, we meet this evening to continue the tale of Tom Riddle, whom we left last lesson poised on the threshold of his years at Hogwarts. You will remember how excited he was to hear that he was a wizard, that he refused my company on a trip to Diagon Alley, and that I, in turn, warned him against continued thievery when he arrived at school. Well, the start of the school year arrived and with it came Tom Riddle, a quiet boy in his unblocmed robes, who lined up with the other first years to be sorted. He was placed in Slytherin House almost read article moment that the Sorting Hat touched his head, continued Dumbledore, waving his blackened hand toward the shelf over his head where the Sorting Hat sat, ancient and unmoving. How soon Riddle learned that the famous founder of the Unblockec could talk to snakes, I do not know - perhaps that very evening. The knowledge can only have excited him and increased his sense of selfimportance. However, if he was frightening or impressing fellow Slytherins with displays of Parseltongue in their common room, no hint of it reached the staff. He showed no sign of outward arrogance or aggression at all. As an unusually talented and very good-looking orphan, he naturally drew attention and sympathy from the staff almost from the moment of his arrival. He seemed polite, quiet, and thirsty for knowledge. Nearly all were most favorably impressed by him. Didnt you tell them, sir, what hed been like when you met him at the orphanage. asked Harry. No, I did not. Though he had shown no hint of remorse, it was possible that he felt sorry for how he had behaved before and Pub resolved to turn over a fresh leaf. I chose to give him that chance. Dumbledore paused and looked inquiringly at Harry, who had opened his mouth to speak. Here, again, was Dumbledores tendency to trust people in spite of overwhelming evidence that they did not deserve it. But then Harry unblocekd something. But you didnt really trust him, sir, did you. He told me. the Riddle who came out of that diary said, Dumbledore never seemed to like me as much as the other teachers did. Let us say that I did not take it for granted that he was trustworthy, said Dumbledore. I had, as I have already indicated, resolved to keep a close eye upon him, Pubg games unblocked queen so I did.

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