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Oh, all righ, Hagrid said in a resigned voice. He bent down and tugged the dragon steak out of Fangs mouth. Oh, Hagrid, dont, its not hygien - Hermione began, but Hagrid had already slapped the meat back over his swollen eye. He took another fortifying gulp of tea and then said, Well, we set off righ after term ended - Madame Maxime went with you, then. Hermione interjected. Yeah, thas right, said Hagrid, and a softened expression appeared on the few inches of face that were not obscured by beard or green steak. Yeah, it was jus the pair of us. An Ill tell yeh this, shes not afraid of roughin it, Olympe. Yeh know, shes a fine, well-dressed woman, an knowin where we was goin I wondered ow shed feel abou clamberin over boulders an sleepin in caves an tha, bushe never complained once. You knew where you were going. Harry asked. You knew where the giants were. Well, Dumbledore knew, an he told us, said Hagrid. Are they hidden. asked Ron. Is it a secret, where they are. Not really, said Hagrid, shaking his shaggy head. Its jus that mos wizards aren bothered where they are, s long as its a good long way away. But where they ares very difficult ter get ter, fer humans anyway, so we needed Dumbledores instructions. Took us abou a month ter get there - A month. said Ron, as though he had never heard of a journey lasting such a ridiculously long time. But - why couldnt you just grab a Portkey or something. There was an odd expression in Hagrids unobscured eye as he squinted at Ron; it was almost pitying. Were bein watched, Ron, he said gruffly. What dyou mean. Yeh don understand, said Hagrid. The Ministrys keepin an eye on Dumbledore an anyone they reckons in league with him, an - We know about that, said Harry quickly, keen to hear the rest of Hagrids story. We know about the Ministry watching Dumbledore - So you couldnt use magic to get there. asked Ron, looking thunderstruck. You had to act like Muggles all the way. Well, not exactly all the way, said Hagrid cagily. We jus had ter be careful, cause Olympe an me, we stick out a bit - Ron made a stifled noise somewhere between a snort and a sniff and hastily took a gulp of tea. - so were not hard ter follow. We was pretendin we was goin on holiday together, so we got inter France an we made like we was headin fer where Olympes school is, cause we knew we was bein tailed by someone from the Ministry. We had to go slow, cause Im not really sposed ter use magic an we knew the Ministryd be lookin fer a reason ter run us in. But we managed ter give the berk tailin us the slip round abou Dee-John - Ooooh, Dijon. said Hermione excitedly. Ive been there on holiday, did you see -. She fell silent at the look on Rons face. We chanced a bit o magic after that, and it wasn a bad journey. Ran inter a couple o mad trolls on the Polish border, an I had a sligh disagreement with a vampire in a pub in Minsk, but apart from tha, couldnta bin smoother. An then we reached the place, an we started trekkin up through the mountains, lookin fer signs of em. We had ter lay off the magic once we got near em. Partly cause they don like wizards an we didn want ter put their backs up too soon, and partly cause Dumbledore had warned us You-Know-Who was bound ter be after the giants an all. Said it was odds on hed sent a messenger off ter them already. Told us ter be very careful of drawin attention ter ourselves as we got nearer in case there was Death Eaters around. Hagrid paused for a long draught of tea. Go on. said Harry urgently. Found em, said Hagrid baldly. Went over a ridge one nigh an there they was, spread ou underneath us. Little fires burnin below an huge shadows. It was like watchin bits o the mountain movin. How big are they. asked Ron in a hushed voice. Bout twenty feet, said Hagrid casually. Some o the bigger ones mighta bin twenty-five. And how many were there. asked Harry. I reckon abouseventy or eighty, said Hagrid. Is that all. said Hermione. Yep, said Hagrid sadly, eighty left, an there was loads once, musta bin a hundred diffrent tribes from all over the world. But theyve bin dyin out fer ages. Wizards killed a few, o course, but mostly they killed each other, an now theyre dyin out Apex xim joy than ever. Theyre not made ter live bunched up together like tha. Dumbledore says its our fault, it was the wizards who forced em to go an made em live a good long way from us an they had no choice but ter stick together fer their own protection. So, said Harry, you saw them and then what. Well, we waited till morning, didn want ter go sneakin up on https://freestrategygames.cloud/pubg-game-download/clash-of-clans-apk-2022.php in the dark, fer our own safety, said Hagrid. Bout three in the mornin they fell asleep jus where they was sittin. We didn dare sleep. Fer one thing, we wanted ter make sure none of em woke up an came up where we were, an fer another, the snorin was unbelievable. Caused an avalanche near mornin. Anyway, once it was light we wen down ter see baldurs gate enemy of ep 1. Just like that. said Ron, looking awestruck. You just walked right into a giant camp. Well, Dumbledored told us how ter do it, said Hagrid. Give the Gurg gifts, show some respect, yeh know. Give the what gifts. asked Harry. Oh, the Gurg - means the chief. How could you tell which one was the Gurg. asked Ron. Hagrid grunted in amusement. No problem, he said. He was the biggest, the ugliest, an the laziest. Sittin there waitin ter be brought food by the others. Dead goats an such like. Name o Karkus. Id put him at twenty-two, twenty-three feet, an the weight of a couple o bull elephants. Skin like rhino hide an all. And you just walked up to him. said Hermione breathlessly. Well. down ter him, where he was lyin in the valley. They was in this dip between four pretty high mountains, see, beside a mountain lake, an Karkus was lyin by the lake roarin at the others ter feed him an his wife. Olympe an I went down the mountainside - But didnt they try and kill you when they saw you. asked Ron incredulously. It was defnitely on some of their minds, said Hagrid, shrugging, but we did what Dumbledore told us ter do, which was ter hold our gift up high an keep our eyes on the Gurg an ignore the others. So thas what we did. An the rest of em went quiet an watched us pass an we got right up ter Karkuss feet an we bowed an put our present down in front o him. What do you give a giant. asked Ron eagerly. Food. Nah, he can get food all righ fer himself, said Hagrid. We took him magic. Giants like magic, jus dont like us usin it against em. Anyway, that firs day we gave him a branch o Gubraithian fire. Hermione said wow softly, but Harry and Ron both frowned in puzzlement. A branch of -. Everlasting fire, said Hermione irritably, you ought to know that by now, Professor Flitwicks mentioned it at least twice in class. Well anyway, said Hagrid quickly, intervening before Ron could answer back, Dumbledored bewitched this branch to burn evermore, which isn somethin any wizard could do, an so I lies it down in the snow by Karkuss feet and says, A gift to the Gurg of the giants from Albus Dumbledore, who sends his respectful greetings. And what did Karkus say. asked Harry eagerly. Nothin, said Hagrid. Didnspeak English. Youre kidding. Didn matter, said Hagrid imperturbably, Dumbledore had warned us tha migh happen. Karkus knew enough to yell fer a couple o giants who knew our lingo an they translated fer us. And did he like the present. asked Ron. Oh yeah, it went down a storm once they understood what it was, said Hagrid, turning his dragon steak over to press the cooler side to his swollen eye. Very pleased. So then I said, Albus Dumbledore asks the Gurg to speak with his messenger when he returns tomorrow with another gift. Why couldnt you speak to them that day. asked Hermione. Dumbledore wanted us ter take it very slow, said Hagrid. Let em see Apex xim joy kept our promises. Well come back tomorrow with another present, an then we do come back with another present - gives a good impression, see. An gives them time ter test out the firs present an find out its a good one, an get em eager fer more. In any case, giants like Karkus - overload em with information an theyll kill yeh jus to simplify things. So we bowed outta the way an went off an found ourselves a nice little cave ter spend that night in, an the followin Apex xim joy we went back an this time we found Karkus sittin up waitin fer us lookin all eager. And you talked to him. Oh yeah. Firs we presented him with a nice battle helmet - goblin-made an indestructible, yeh know - an then we sat down an we talked. What did he say. Not much, said Hagrid. Listened mostly. But there were good signs. Hed heard o Dumbledore, heard hed argued against the killin of the last giants in Britain. Karkus seemed ter https://freestrategygames.cloud/counter-strike/counter-strike-global-offensive-apunkagames.php quite intrested in what Dumbledore had ter say. An a few o the others, specially the ones who had some English, they gathered round an listened too. We were hopeful when we left that day. Promised ter come back next day with another present. But that night it all wen wrong. What dyou mean. said Ron quickly. Well, like I say, theyre not meant ter live together, giants, said Hagrid sadly. Not in big groups like that. They can help themselves, they half kill each other every few weeks. The men fight each other an the women fight each other, the remnants of the old tribes fight each other, an thats even without squabbles over food an the best fires an sleepin spots. Yehd think, seein as how their whole race is abou finished, theyd read more off each other, but. Hagrid Apex xim joy deeply. That night a fight broke out, we saw it from the mouth of our cave, lookin down on the valley. Went on fer hours, yeh wouldn believe the noise. An when the sun came up the snow was scarlet an his head was lyin at the bottom o the lake. Whose head. gasped Hermione. Karkuss, said Hagrid heavily. There was a new Gurg, Golgomath. He sighed deeply. Well, we hadn bargained on a new Gurg two days after wed made friendly contact with the firs one, an we had a funny feelin Golgomath wouldn be so keen ter listen to us, but we had ter try. You went to steam deck patcher to him. asked Ron incredulously. After youd watched him rip off another giants head. Course we did, said Hagrid, we hadn gone all that way ter give up after two days. We wen down with the next present wed meant ter give ter Karkus. I knew it was no go before Id opened me mouth. He was sitting there wearin Karkuss helmet, leerin at us as we got nearer. Hes massive, one o the biggest ones there. Black hair an matchin teeth an a necklace o bones. Human-lookin bones, some of em. Well, I gave it a go - held out a great roll o dragon skin - ansaid A gift fer the Gurg of the giants - Nex thing I knew, I was hangin upside down in the air by me feet, two of his mates had grabbed me. Hermione clapped her hands to her mouth. How did you get out of that. asked Harry. Wouldnta done if Olympe hadn bin there, said Hagrid. She pulled out her wand an did some o the fastes spellwork Ive ever seen. Ruddy marvelous. Hit the two holdin me right in the eyes with Conjunctivitus Curses an they dropped me straightaway - bu we were in trouble then, cause wed used magic against em, an thats what giants hate abou wizards. We had ter leg it an we knew there was check this out way we was going ter be able ter march inter camp again. Blimey, Hagrid, said Ron quietly. So how come its taken you so long to get home if you were only there for three days. asked Hermione. We didn leave after three days. said Hagrid, looking outraged. Dumbledore was relyin on us. But youve just said there was no way you could go back. Not by daylight, we couldn, no. We just had ter rethink a bit. Spent a couple o days lyin low up in the cave an watchin. An wha we saw wasn good. Did he rip off more heads. asked Hermione, sounding squeamish. No, said Hagrid. I wish he had. What dyou mean. I mean we soon found out he didn object ter all wizards pubg uc website just us. Death Eaters. said Harry quickly. Yep, said Hagrid darkly. Couple of em were visitin him evry day, bringin gifts ter the Gurg, an he wasn dangling them upside down. How dyou know they were Death Eaters. said Ron. Because I recognized one of em, Hagrid growled. Macnair, remember him. Bloke they sent ter kill Buckbeak. Maniac, he is. Likes killin as much as Golgomath, no wonder they were gettin on so well. So Macnairs persuaded the giants to join You-Know-Who. said Hermione desperately. Hold yer hippogriffs, I haven finished me story yet. said Hagrid indignantly, who, considering he had not wanted to tell them anything in the first place, now seemed to be rather enjoying himself. Me an Olympe talked it over an we agreed, jus cause the Gurg looked like favorin You-KnowWho didn mean all of em would. We had ter try an persuade some o the others, the ones who hadn wanted Golgomath as Gurg. How could you tell which ones they were. asked Ron. Well, they were the ones bein beaten to a pulp, weren they. said Hagrid patiently. The ones with any sense were keepin outta Golgomaths way, hidin out in caves roun the gully jus like we were. So we decided wed go pokin round the caves by night ansee if we couldn persuade a few o them. You went poking around dark caves looking for giants. said Ron with awed respect in his voice. Well, it wasn the giants who worried us most, said Hagrid. We were more concerned abou the Death Eaters. Dumbledore had told us short pubg for is we wen not ter tangle with em if we could avoid it, an the trouble was they knew we was around - spect Golgomath told him abou us. At night when the giants were sleepin an we wanted ter be creepin inter the caves, Macnair an the other one were sneakin round the mountains lookin fer us. I was hard put to stop Olympe jumpin out at them, said Hagrid, the corners of his mouth lifting his wild beard. She was rarin ter attack em. Shes somethin when shes roused, Olympe. Fiery, yeh know.

Harry felt Ron slide silently down onto the wardrobe floor beside him. We shall have to send all the students home tomorrow, said Professor McGonagall. This is Pubg game download for computer by name end of Hogwarts. Dumbledore always said. The eownload door banged open again. For one wild moment, Harry was sure it would be Dumbledore. But it was Lockhart, and he was fkr. So sorry - dozed off - what have I missed. He didnt vownload to notice that the other teachers were looking at him with something remarkably like hatred. Snape stepped forward. Just the man, he said. The very man. A girl has been snatched by the monster, Lockhart. Taken into the Chamber of Secrets itself. Your moment has come at last. Lockhart blanched. Thats forr, Gilderoy, chipped in Professor Sprout. Werent Pubg game download for computer by name saying just last night that youve known all along where the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets is. I - Pubg game download for computer by name, I - sputtered Lockhart. Yes, didnt you tell me you were sure you knew what was inside it. piped up Professor Flitwick. D-did I. I dont recall - I certainly remember you saying you were sorry you hadnt had a crack at the monster before Hagrid was arrested, said Pubg game download for computer by name. Didnt you say that the whole affair had been bungled, and that you should have been given a free rein from the first. Lockhart stared around at his stony-faced colleagues. I - I really never - you may have misunderstood - Well leave it to you, then, Gilderoy, said Professor McGonagall. Tonight will be an excellent time to do namme. Well make sure everyones out of your way. Youll be able to tackle the monster all by youself. A download pubg ve bgmi rein at last. Lockhart gazed desperately around him, but nobody came to the rescue. He didnt look remotely handsome anymore. His lip was trembling, and in the absence of his usually toothy grin, he looked weak-chinned and feeble. V-very well, he said. Ill - Ill be in my office, getting - getting ready. And he left the room. Right, said Professor McGonagall, whose nwme were flared, thats got him out from under our feet. The Heads of Houses should go and inform their students what has happened. Tell them the Hogwarts Express will take them home first thing tomorrow. Will the rest of you please make sure no students have been left outside their dormitories. The teachers rose and left, one by one. It was probably the worst day of Harrys entire life. He, Ron, Fred, and George sat together in a corner of the Gryffindor common room, unable to say anything to each other. Percy wasnt there. He had gone to send an owl to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, then shut himself up in his dormitory. No afternoon ever lasted as long as that one, nor had Gryffindor Tower ever been so crowded, yet so quiet. Near sunset, Fred and George went up to bed, unable to sit there any longer. She knew something, Harry, said Ron, speaking for the first time since they had entered steam connect hard wardrobe in the staffroom. Thats why she was taken. It wasnt some stupid thing about Percy at all. Shed found out something about the Chamber of Secrets. That must be why she was - Ron rubbed his eyes Pubg game download for computer by name. I mean, she was a pureblood. There cant be any other reason. Harry could see the sun sinking, blood-red, below the skyline.

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