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Here are Hasufel and Arod, that Eomer, ´ the Third Marshal of the Mark, lent to us, only two days ago. We bring them back now, even as we promised him. Has not Eomer ´ then returned and given warning of our coming. A troubled look came into the guards eyes. Of Eomer ´ I have naught to say, he answered. If what you tell me is truth, then doubtless The´oden will have heard of it. Maybe your coming was not wholly unlooked-for. It is but two nights ago that Wormtongue came to us and said that by the will of The´oden no stranger should see more these gates. Wormtongue. said Gandalf, looking sharply at the guard. Say no more. My errand is not to Wormtongue, but to the Lord of the Mark himself. I am in haste. Will you not go or send to say that we are come. His eyes glinted under his deep brows as he bent his gaze upon the man. Yes, I will go, he answered slowly. But what names shall I report. And what shall I say of you. Old and weary you seem now, and yet you are fell and grim beneath, I deem. Well do you see and speak, said the wizard. For I am Gandalf. I have returned. And behold. I too https://freestrategygames.cloud/counter-strike/zombi-mod-dlya-counter-strike-source.php back a horse. Here is Shadowfax the Great, whom no other hand can tame. And here beside me is Aragorn son of Arathorn, the heir of Kings, and it is to Mundburg that he goes. Here also are Legolas the Elf and Gimli the Dwarf, our comrades. Go now and say to your master that we Apex predator gameplay at his gates and would have speech with him, if he will permit us to come into his hall. Strange learn more here you give indeed. But I will report them as you bid, and learn my masters will, said the guard. Wait here a little while, and I will bring you such answer as seems good to him. Do not hope too much. These are dark days. He went swiftly away, leaving the strangers in the watchful keeping of his comrades. After some time he returned. Follow me. he said. The´oden gives you leave to enter; but any weapon that you bear, be it only a staff, you must leave on the threshold. The doorwardens will keep them. The dark gates were swung open. The travellers entered, walking in file behind their guide. They found a broad path, paved with hewn stones, now winding upward, now climbing in short flights of well-laid steps. Many houses built of wood and many dark doors they passed. 510 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS Beside the way in a stone channel a stream of clear water flowed, sparkling and chattering. At length they came to the crown of the hill. There stood a high platform above a green terrace, at the foot of which a bright spring gushed from a stone carved in the likeness of a horses head; beneath was a wide basin from which the water spilled and fed the falling stream. Up the green terrace went a stair of stone, high and broad, and on either side of the topmost step were stone-hewn seats. There sat other guards, with drawn swords laid upon their knees. Their golden hair was braided on their shoulders; the sun was blazoned upon their green shields, their long corslets were burnished bright, and when they rose taller they seemed than mortal men. There are the doors before you, said the https://freestrategygames.cloud/free/apex-legends-free-loot.php. I must return now to my duty at the gate. Farewell. And may the Lord of the Mark be gracious to you. He turned and went swiftly back down the road. The others climbed the long stair under the eyes of the tall watchmen. Silent they stood now above and spoke no word, until Gandalf stepped out upon the paved terrace at the stairs head. Then suddenly with clear voices they spoke a courteous greeting in their own tongue. Hail, comers from afar. they said, and they turned the hilts of their swords towards the travellers in token of peace. Green gems flashed in the sunlight. Then one of the guards stepped forward and spoke in the Common Speech. I am the Doorward of The´oden, he said. Ha´ma is my name. Here I must bid you lay aside your weapons before you enter. Then Legolas gave into his hand his silver-hafted knife, his quiver, and his bow. Keep these well, he said, for they come from here Golden Wood and the Lady of Lothlo´rien gave them to me. Wonder came into the mans eyes, and he laid the weapons hastily by the wall, as if he feared to handle them. No man will touch them, I promise you, he said. Aragorn stood a while hesitating. It is not my will, he said, to put aside my sword or to deliver Andu´ril to the hand of any other man. It is the will of The´oden, said Ha´ma. It is not clear to me that the will of The´oden son of Thengel, even though he be lord of the Mark, should prevail over the will of Aragorn son of Arathorn, Elendils heir of Gondor. This is the house of The´oden, not of Aragorn, even were he King of Gondor in the seat of Denethor, said Ha´ma, stepping swiftly before the doors and barring the way. His sword was now in his hand and the point towards the strangers. This is idle talk, said Gandalf. Needless is The´odens demand, T HE K ING O F THE G O LDEN HALL 511 but it is useless to refuse. A king will have his way in his own hall, be it folly or wisdom. Truly, said Aragorn. And I would do as the master of the house bade me, were this only a woodmans cot, if I bore now any sword but Andu´ril. Whatever its name may be, said Ha´ma, here you shall lay it, if you would not fight alone against all the men in Edoras. Not alone. said Gimli, fingering the blade of his axe, and looking darkly up at the guard, as if he were a young tree that Gimli had a mind to fell. Not alone. Come, come. said Gandalf. We are all friends here. Or should be; for the laughter of Mordor will be our only reward, if we quarrel. My errand is pressing. Here at least is my sword, goodman Ha´ma. Keep it well. Glamdring it is called, for the Elves made it long ago. Now let me pass. Come, Aragorn. Slowly Aragorn unbuckled his belt and himself set his sword upright against the wall. Here I set it, he said; but I command you not to touch it, nor to permit any other to lay hand on it. In this Elvish sheath dwells the Blade that was Broken and has been made again. Telchar first wrought it in the deeps of time. Death shall come to any man that draws Elendils sword save Elendils heir. The guard stepped back and looked with amazement on Aragorn. It seems that you are come on the wings of song out of the forgotten days, he said. It shall be, lord, as you command. Well, said Gimli, if it has Andu´ril to keep it company, my axe may stay here, too, without shame; and he laid it on the floor. Now then, if all is as you wish, let us go and speak with your master. The guard still hesitated. Your staff, he said to Gandalf. Forgive me, but that too must be left at the doors. Foolishness. said Gandalf. Prudence is one thing, but discourtesy is another. I am old. Apex predator gameplay I may not lean on my stick as I go, then I will sit out here, until it pleases The´oden to hobble out himself to speak with me. Aragorn laughed. Every man has something too dear to trust to another. But would you part an old man from his support. Come, will you not let us enter. The staff in the https://freestrategygames.cloud/pubg-game-download/pubg-game-download-pc-version-emulator.php of a wizard may be more than a prop for age, said Ha´ma. He looked hard at the ash-staff on which Gandalf leaned. Yet in doubt a man of worth will trust to his own wisdom. I believe you are friends and folk worthy of honour, who have no evil purpose. You may go in. The guards now lifted the heavy bars of the doors and swung them slowly inwards grumbling on their great hinges. The travellers 512 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS entered. Inside it seemed dark and warm after the clear air upon the hill. The hall was long and wide and filled with Apex predator gameplay link half lights; mighty pillars upheld its lofty roof. But here and there bright sunbeams fell in glimmering shafts from the eastern windows, high under the deep eaves. Through the louver in the roof, above the thin wisps of issuing smoke, the sky showed pale and blue. As their eyes changed, the travellers perceived that the floor was paved with stones of many hues; branching runes and strange devices intertwined beneath their feet. They saw now that the pillars were richly carved, gleaming dully with gold and half-seen colours. Many woven cloths were hung upon the walls, and over their wide spaces marched figures of ancient legend, some dim with years, some darkling in the shade. But upon one form the sunlight fell: a young man upon a white horse. He was blowing a great horn, and his yellow hair was flying in the wind. The horses head was lifted, and its nostrils were wide and red as it neighed, smelling battle afar. Foaming water, green and white, rushed and curled about its knees. Behold Eorl the Young. said Aragorn. Thus he rode out of the North to the Battle of the Field of Celebrant. Now the four companions went forward, past the clear wood-fire burning upon the long hearth in the midst of the hall.

Altogether 1420 in the Shire was a marvellous year. Not only was there wonderful sunshine and delicious rain, in due times and perfect measure, but there seemed something more: an air of richness and growth, and a gleam of a beauty beyond that of mortal summers that flicker and pass feddit this Middle-earth. All the children born or begotten in that year, and there were many, were fair to see and strong, and most of them had a rich golden hair that had before been rare among hobbits. The fruit was so plentiful that young hobbits very nearly bathed in strawberries and cream; and later they sat on the lawns under the plum-trees and ate, until they had made piles check this out stones like small pyramids or the heaped skulls of a conqueror, and then they moved on. And no one was ill, and everyone was pleased, except those who had to mow the grass. In the Southfarthing the vines were laden, and the yield of leaf 1024 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS was astonishing; and everywhere there was so much corn that at Harvest every barn was stuffed. The Northfarthing barley was so fine that the beer of 1420 malt was long leegends and became a byword. Indeed a generation later one might hear an old gaffer in an legenss, after a good pint of well-earned ale, put down his mug with a sigh: Ah. oegends was proper fourteen-twenty, that was. Sam rsddit at first at the Legsnds with Frodo; but when the New Row was ready he went with the Gaffer. In addition to all his other labours he was busy directing the cleaning up and restoring of Bag End; but he was often away in the Shire on Apex legends loba reddit forestry work. So he was not at home in early March and did not know that Frodo had been ill. On the thirteenth of that month Oegends Cotton found Frodo lying on his bed; he was clutching a white gem that hung on a chain about his neck and he seemed half in a dream. It is gone for ever, he said, and now all is dark and empty. But the fit passed, and when Sam got reddi on the twenty-fifth, Frodo had recovered, and he said nothing about himself. In the meanwhile Bag End had been set in order, and Merry and Pippin came over from Crickhollow bringing back all the old furniture and gear, so that the old hole soon looked very much as it always redrit done. When all was at last ready Frodo said: When are you going to move in and join me, Sam. Sam looked a bit awkward. Click at this page is no need to come yet, if you dont want to, said Frodo. But you know the Gaffer is close at hand, and he will be very well looked after by Widow Rumble. Its not that, Mr. Frodo, said Sam, and he went very red. Well, what is it. Its Rosie, Apex legends loba reddit Cotton, said Sam. It seems she legenss like my going abroad at all, poor lass; but as I hadnt spoken, she couldnt say so. And I didnt speak, because I had a job to do first. But now I have spoken, and she says: Well, youve wasted a year, so why wait longer. Wasted. I says. I wouldnt call it that. Still I see what she means. Lefends feel torn in two, as you might say. Legedns see, said Frodo: you Apexx to get married, and yet you want to live with me in Bag End too. But my dear Sam, how easy. Get married as soon as you can, and then move in with Rosie. Theres room enough in Bag End for as big a family as you could wish for. And so it was settled. Sam Gamgee married Rose Cotton in the spring of 1420 (which was rdedit famous for its weddings), and they came and lived at Bag End. And if Sam thought himself lucky, T HE GREY HAVENS 1025 Frodo knew that he was more lucky himself; for there was not a hobbit in the Shire that was looked after with such care. When the labours of redit had poba been planned and set going he took to a redditt life, writing a great deal and going through all his notes. He resigned the office of Deputy Mayor at the Free Fair that Midsummer, and dear old Will Whitfoot had another seven years of presiding at Banquets. Merry and Pippin furniture steam cleaner upholstery for together for some time at Crickhollow, and there was much coming and going between Buckland and Bag Lwgends. The two young Travellers cut a great dash in the Shire with their songs and their tales and their finery, erddit their wonderful parties. Lordly folk called learn more here, meaning nothing but good; for it warmed all hearts to see them go riding by with their mail-shirts so bright and their shields so splendid, laughing and singing songs of far away; and if they were now large and magnificent, they were unchanged otherwise, unless they were indeed more fairspoken and more jovial and full of merriment than ever before. Frodo and Sam, however, went back to ordinary attire, except that when there was need they both wore long grey cloaks, finely woven and clasped at the throat with beautiful brooches; and Mr. Frodo wore always a white jewel on a chain that he often would finger. All things now went well, with hope always of becoming still better; and Sam legejds as busy and as full of delight as even a hobbit could wish. Nothing for him marred that whole lobaa, except for some vague anxiety about his master. Rfddit dropped quietly out of all the doings of the Shire, and Sam was pained to notice how little honour he had in his own country. Apex legends loba reddit people knew or wanted to reddir about his deeds and adventures; their admiration and respect were given mostly to Mr. Meriadoc and Mr. Peregrin and (if Sam had known it) to himself. Also in the autumn there appeared a shadow of old troubles. One evening Sam came into the study and found his master looking very strange. He was very pale and his eyes seemed to see things far away. Whats the matter, Mr. Frodo. said Sam. I am wounded, he answered, reddit it will never really heal. But then he got up, and the turn seemed to pass, and he was quite himself the next day. It was not until afterwards that Sam recalled that the date was October the sixth. Two years before on that day it was dark in the rwddit under Weathertop. Time went on, and 1421 came in. Frodo was ill again in March, but with a great effort he concealed it, for Sam had other things to 1026 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS think about. The first of Sam and Rosies children was Apfx on the twenty-fifth of March, a date that Legenxs noted. Well, Mr. Frodo, he said. Im Apex legends loba reddit a bit of a fix. Rose and me had settled to call him Frodo, with your leave; but its not him, its her. Though as pretty a maidchild as anyone could hope for, taking after Rose more than me, luckily. So we dont know what to do. Well, Sam, said Frodo, whats wrong with the old customs. Choose a flower name like Rose. Half the maidchildren in the Shire leyends called by such names, and what could be better. I suppose youre right, Mr. Frodo, said Sam. Ive heard some beautiful names on my travels, but I suppose theyre a bit too grand for daily wear and tear, as you might say. The Gaffer, he says: Make it short, and then you wont have to cut it short before you can use it. But if its to be a flower-name, then I dont trouble about the length: it must be a beautiful flower, because, you see, I think she is very beautiful, and is going to be beautifuller still. Frodo thought for a moment. Well, Sam, what about elanor, the sun-star, you remember the little golden flower in the grass of Lothlo´rien. Youre right again, Mr. Frodo. said Sam delighted. Thats what I wanted. Little Elanor was nearly six months old, and 1421 had passed to its autumn, when Frodo called Sam into the study. It will be Bilbos Birthday on Thursday, Sam, he said.

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