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Go quick. Don listen. There was a knock on Hagrids front door. The execution party had arrived. Hagrid turned around and headed back into his cabin, leaving the back door ajar. Harry watched the grass flatten in patches all around the cabin and heard three pairs of feet retreating. He, Ron, and Hermione had gone. but the Harry and Hermione hidden in the trees test apex blood now hear what was happening inside the cabin through the back door. Where is the beast. came the cold voice of Macnair. Out - outside, Hagrid croaked. Harry pulled his head out of sight as Macnairs face appeared at Hagrids window, staring out at Buckbeak. Then they heard Fudge. We - er - have to read you the official notice of execution, Hagrid. Ill make it quick. And then you Apex predator dinosaur list Macnair need to sign it. Macnair, youre supposed to listen too, thats procedure - Macnairs face vanished from the window. It was now or never. Wait here, Harry whispered to Hermione. Ill do it. As Fudges voice started again, Harry darted see more from behind his tree, vaulted the fence into the pumpkin patch, and approached Buckbeak. It is the decision of the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures that the hippogriff Buckbeak, hereafter called the condemned, shall be executed on the sixth of June at sundown - Careful not to blink, Harry stared up into Buckbeaks fierce orange eyes once more and bowed. Buckbeak sank to his scaly knees and then stood up again. Harry began to fumble with the knot of rope tying Buckbeak to the fence. sentenced to execution by beheading, to Apex predator dinosaur list carried out by the Committees appointed executioner, Walden Macnair. Come on, Buckbeak, Harry murmured, come on, were going to help you. Quietly. quietly. as witnessed below. Hagrid, you sign here. Harry threw all his weight onto learn more here rope, but Buckbeak had dug in his front feet. Well, lets get this over with, said the reedy voice of the Committee member from inside Hagrids cabin. Hagrid, perhaps it will be better if you stay inside - No, I - I wan ter be with him. I don wan him ter be alone - Footsteps echoed from within the cabin. Buckbeak, move. Harry hissed. Harry tugged harder on the rope around Buckbeaks neck. The hippogriff began to walk, rustling its wings irritably. They were still ten feet away from the Apex predator dinosaur list, in plain view of Hagrids back door. One moment, please, Macnair, came Dumbledores voice. You need to sign too. The footsteps stopped. Harry heaved on the rope. Buckbeak snapped his beak and walked a little faster. Hermiones white face was sticking out from behind a tree. Harry, hurry. she mouthed. Harry could still hear Dumbledores voice talking from within the cabin. He gave the rope another wrench. Buckbeak broke into a grudging trot. They had reached the trees. Quick. Quick. Hermione moaned, darting out from behind her tree, seizing the rope too and adding her weight to make Buckbeak move faster. Harry looked over his shoulder; they were now blocked from sight; they couldnt see Hagrids garden at all. Stop. he whispered to Hermione. They might hear us - Hagrids back door had opened with a bang. Harry, Hermione, and Buckbeak stood quite still; even the hippogriff seemed to be listening intently. Silence. then - Where is it. said the reedy voice of the Committee member. Where is the beast. It was tied here. visit web page the executioner furiously. I saw it. Just here. How extraordinary, said Dumbledore. There was a note of amusement in his voice. Beaky. said Hagrid huskily. There was a swishing noise, and the thud of an axe. The executioner seemed to have swung it into the fence in anger. And then came the howling, and this time they could hear Hagrids words through his sobs. Gone. Gone. Bless his little beak, hes gone. Musta pulled himself free. Beaky, yeh clever boy. Buckbeak started to strain against the rope, trying to get back to Hagrid. Harry and Hermione tightened their grip and dug their heels into the forest floor to stop him. Someone untied him. the executioner was snarling. We should search the grounds, the forest - Macnair, if Buckbeak has indeed been stolen, do you really think the thief will have led him away on foot. said Dumbledore, still sounding amused. Search the skies, if you will. Hagrid, I could do with Apex predator dinosaur list cup of tea. Or a large brandy. O - o course, Professor, said Hagrid, who sounded weak with happiness. Come in, come in. Harry and Hermione listened closely. They heard footsteps, the soft cursing of the executioner, the snap of the door, and then silence once more. Now what. whispered Harry, looking around. Well have to hide in here, said Hermione, who looked very shaken. We need to wait until theyve gone back to the castle. Then we wait until its safe to fly Buckbeak up to Siriuss window. He wont be there for another couple of hours. Oh, this is going to be difficult. She looked nervously over her shoulder into the depths of the forest. The sun was setting now. Were going to have to move, said Harry, thinking hard. Weve got to be able to see the Whomping Willow, or we wont know whats going on. Okay, said Hermione, getting a firmer grip on Buckbeaks rope. But weve got to keep out of sight, Harry, remember. They moved around the edge of the forest, darkness falling thickly around them, until they were hidden behind a clump of trees through which they could make out the Willow. Theres Ron. said Harry suddenly. A dark figure was sprinting across the lawn and its shout echoed through the still night air. Get away from him - get away - Scabbers, come here - And then they saw two more figures materialize out of nowhere. Harry watched himself and Hermione chasing after Ron. Then he saw Ron dive. Gotcha. Get off, you stinking cat - Theres Sirius. said Harry. The great shape of the dog had bounded out from the roots of the Willow. They saw him bowl Harry over, then seize Ron. Looks even worse from here, doesnt it. said Harry, watching the dog pulling Ron into the roots. Ouch - look, I just got walloped by the tree - and so did you - this is weird - The Whomping Willow was creaking and lashing out with its lower branches; they could see themselves darting here and there, trying to reach the trunk.

It took his hand, and as Frodo watched with his mind, not willing it but in suspense (as if he looked on some old story far away), T HE STAIR S O F CIRITH U NGOL 707 it moved the hand inch by inch towards the chain upon his neck. Then his own will stirred; slowly it forced the hand back and set Pubg gift codes may to find another thing, a thing lying hidden near his breast. Cold and hard it seemed as his grip closed on it: the phial of Galadriel, so long treasured, and almost forgotten till that hour. As he touched it, for a while all thought of the Ring was banished from his mind. He sighed and bent his head. At that moment the Wraith-king turned and spurred his horse and rode across the bridge, and all his dark host followed him. Maybe the elven-hoods defied his unseen eyes, and the mind of his small enemy, being strengthened, had turned aside his thought. But he was in haste. Already the hour had struck, and at his great Masters bidding he must march with war into the West. Soon he had passed, like a shadow into shadow, down the winding road, article source behind him still the black ranks crossed the bridge. So great an army had never issued from that vale since the days of Isildurs might; no host so fell and strong in arms had yet Pubg gift codes may the fords of Anduin; and yet it was but one and not the greatest of the hosts that Mordor now sent forth. Frodo stirred. And suddenly his heart went out to Faramir. The storm has burst at last, he thought. This great array of spears and swords is going to Osgiliath. Will Faramir get across in time. He guessed it, but did he know the hour. And who can now hold the fords when the King of the Nine Riders comes. And other armies will come. I am too late. All is lost. I tarried on the way. All is lost. Even if my errand is performed, no one will ever know. There will be no one I can tell. It will be in vain. Overcome with weakness he wept. And link the host of Morgul crossed the bridge. Then at a great distance, as if it came out of memories of the Shire, some sunlit early morning, when the day called and doors were opening, he heard Sams voice speaking. Wake up, Mr. Frodo. Wake up. Had the voice added: Your breakfast is ready, he would hardly have been surprised. Certainly Sam was urgent. Wake up, Mr. Frodo. Theyre gone, he said. There was a dull clang. The gates of Minas Morgul had closed. The last rank of spears had vanished down the road. The tower still grinned across the valley, but the light was fading in it. The whole city was falling back into a dark brooding shade, and silence. Yet still it was filled with watchfulness. Wake up, Mr. Frodo. Theyre gone, and wed better go too. Theres something still alive in that place, something with eyes, or a seeing mind, if you take me; and the longer we Pubg gift codes may in one spot, the sooner it will get on to us. Come on, Mr. Frodo. 708 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS Frodo raised his head, and then stood up. Despair had not left him, but the weakness had passed. He even smiled grimly, feeling now as clearly as a moment before he had felt the opposite, that what he had to do, he had to do, if he could, and that whether Faramir or Aragorn Pubg gift codes may Elrond or Galadriel or Gandalf or anyone else ever knew about it was beside the purpose. He took his staff in one hand and the phial in his other. When he saw that the clear light was already welling through his fingers, he thrust it into his bosom and held it against his heart. Then turning from the city of Morgul, now no more than a grey glimmer across a dark gulf, he prepared to take the upward road. Gollum, it seemed, had crawled off along the ledge into the darkness beyond, when the gates of Minas Morgul opened, leaving the hobbits where they lay. He now came creeping back, his teeth chattering and his fingers snapping. Foolish. Click at this page. he hissed. Make haste. They mustnt think danger has passed. It hasnt. Make haste. They did not answer, but they followed him on to the climbing ledge. It was little to the liking of either of them, not even after facing so many other perils; but it did not last long. Soon the path reached a rounded angle where the mountain-side swelled out again, and there it suddenly entered a narrow opening in the rock. They had come to the first stair that Gollum had spoken of. The darkness was almost complete, and they could see nothing much beyond their hands stretch; but Gollums eyes shone pale, several feet click at this page, as he turned back towards them. Careful. he whispered. Steps. Lots of steps. Must be careful. Care was certainly needed. Frodo and Sam at first felt easier, having now a wall on either side, but the stairway was almost as steep as a ladder, and as they climbed up and up, they became more and more aware of the long black fall behind them. And the steps were see more, spaced unevenly, and often treacherous: they were worn and smooth at the edges, and some were broken, and some cracked as foot was set upon them. The hobbits struggled on, until at last they were clinging with desperate fingers to the steps ahead, and forcing their aching knees to bend and straighten; and ever as the stair cut its way deeper into the sheer mountain the rocky walls rose higher and higher above their heads. At length, just as they felt that they could endure no more, they saw Gollums eyes peering down at them again. Were up, he whispered. First stairs past. Clever hobbits to climb so high, very clever hobbits. Just a few more little steps and thats all, yes. Dizzy and very tired Sam, and Frodo following him, crawled up the last step, and sat down rubbing their legs and knees. They were T HE STAIR S O F CIRITH U NGOL 709 in a deep dark passage that seemed still to go up before them, though at a gentler slope and without steps. Gollum did not let them rest long. Theres another stair still, he said. Much longer stair.

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