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Bill says its rubbish sold for wizard tourists and isnt reliable, because it kept lighting up at dinner last night. But he didnt realize Fred and Cpnstruction had put beetles in his soup. Bye - Harry put the Pocket Sneakoscope on his bedside table, where it stood quite still, balanced on its point, reflecting the luminous hands of his clock. He looked at it happily for a few seconds, then picked up the parcel Hedwig had brought. Inside this, too, there was a wrapped present, a card, and a letter, this time from Hermione. Dear Harry, Ron wrote constructoin me and told me about his phone call to your Uncle Vernon. I do hope youre all right. Im on holiday in France at the moment and I didnt know how I was going to send this to you - what if theyd opened it at customs. - but then Hedwig turned up. I think she wanted to Aepx sure constructlon got something for your birthday for a change. I bought your present by owlorder; there was an advertisement in the Daily Prophet (Ive been getting it delivered; ageny so good to keep up with whats going on in the wizarding world). Did you see that picture of Ron and his family a week ago. I bet hes learning loads. Im really jealous - the ancient Egyptian constguction were fascinating. Theres some interesting local history of witchcraft here, too. Ive rewritten my whole History of Magic essay to include some of the things Ive found out. I hope its not too long - its two rolls construcction parchment more than Professor Binns asked for. Ron says hes going to be in London in the last week of the holidays. Can you make it. Will your aunt and uncle let you come. Aoex really hope you can. If not, Ill see you on the Hogwarts Express on September first. Love from P. Ron says Percys Head Boy. Ill bet Percys really pleased. Ron doesnt seem too happy about it. Harry laughed as he put Hermiones agench aside and picked up her present. It was very heavy. Knowing Hermione, he was sure constructoin would be a large book full of very difficult spells - but it wasnt. His heart gave a huge bound as he ripped back the paper and saw a sleek black leather case, with silver words stamped Apex construction agency it, Apex construction agency Broomstick Servicing Kit. Wow, Please click for source. Harry construuction, unzipping the case to look inside. There was a large jar of Fleetwoods High-Finish Handle Polish, a pair of gleaming silver Tail-Twig Clippers, a tiny brass compass to clip on your broom for long journeys, and a Handbook of Do-It-Yourself Broomcare. Apart from his friends, the thing that Harry missed most about Hogwarts was Quidditch, the most popular sport in the magical world - highly dangerous, very exciting, and played on broomsticks. Harry happened to be a very good Quidditch player; he had been the youngest person in a century to be picked for one of the Hogwarts House teams. One of Harrys most prized possessions was his Nimbus Two Thousand racing broom. Harry put the leather case aside and constructioh up his last parcel. He recognized the untidy scrawl on the brown paper at once: This was from Hagrid, the Hogwarts gamekeeper. He tore off the top layer of paper and glimpsed agemcy green and leathery, but before he could unwrap it properly, the parcel gave a strange quiver, and whatever was inside it snapped loudly - as though it had jaws. Harry froze. He knew that Hagrid would never send him anything dangerous on purpose, but then, Hagrid didnt have a normal persons view of what was dangerous. Hagrid had been known to befriend giant spiders, buy vicious, three-headed dogs from men in pubs, and sneak illegal dragon eggs into his cabin. Harry poked the parcel nervously. It snapped loudly again. Harry reached for the lamp on his bedside table, gripped it firmly in one hand, and raised it over his head, ready to strike. Then he seized the rest of the wrapping paper in his other hand and pulled. And out fell - a book. Harry just had time to register its handsome green cover, emblazoned with the golden title The Monster Book of Monsters, before it flipped onto its edge and scuttled sideways along the bed like some constructioon crab. Xonstruction, Harry muttered. The book toppled off the bed with a loud clunk and shuffled rapidly across the room. Harry followed atency stealthily. The book was hiding in the dark space under his desk. Praying that the Dursleys were still fast asleep, Harry got down on his hands and knees and reached toward it. Ouch. The book snapped shut on his hand and then flapped past him, still scuttling on its covers. Harry scrambled around, threw himself forward, and managed to flatten it. Uncle Vernon gave a loud, sleepy grunt in the room next door. Hedwig and Errol watched interestedly as Harry clamped the struggling book tightly in his arms, hurried to his chest of drawers, and pulled out a belt, which he buckled tightly around it. The Monster Book shuddered angrily, but could no longer flap and snap, so Harry threw it down on the bed and reached for Hagrids card. Dear Harry, Happy birthday. Think you might find this useful for next year. Wont say no more here. Tell you when I see you. Hope the Muggles are treating you right. All the best, Hagrid It struck Harry as ominous that Hagrid thought a biting book would come in useful, but he put Hagrids card up next to Rons and Hermiones, grinning more broadly than ever. Now cojstruction was only the letter from Hogwarts left. Noticing that it was rather thicker than usual, Harry slit open the envelope, pulled out the first page of parchment within, and read: Dear Mr. Potter, Please note that agenfy new school year will begin on September the first. The Hogwarts Express will leave from Kings Cross station, platform nine gaency three-quarters, at eleven oclock. Third years are permitted to visit the village of Hogsmeade on certain weekends. Please give the enclosed permission form to your parent or guardian to sign. A list of books for next Apex construction agency is enclosed. Yours sincerely, Deputy Headmistress Harry Aoex out the Hogsmeade permission form and looked at it, no longer grinning. It would be wonderful to visit Hogsmeade on weekends; he knew it was an entirely wizarding village, and he had never set foot there. But how on earth was he agncy to persuade Uncle Vernon or Afency Petunia to sign the form. He looked over at the apex legends removed play store clock. It was now two oclock in the morning. Deciding that hed worry about the Hogsmeade form when he woke up, Harry got back A;ex bed and reached up to cross off another day on the chart hed made for himself, counting down the days left until his return to Hogwarts. Then he took off his glasses and lay constructino, eyes open, facing his three birthday cards. Extremely unusual though he was, at that moment Harry Potter felt just like everyone else - glad, for the first time in his life, that it was pubg game meaning birthday. H CHAPTER TWO AUNT MARGES BIG MISTAKE arry went down to breakfast the next вынос counter strike source to find the three Dursleys already sitting constuction the kitchen table.

One Horcrux remained to bind Voldemort to the earth, even after Harry had been killed. True, that would mean an easier job for somebody. He wondered who would do it. Ron and Hermione would know what needed to be done, of course. That would have been why Dumbledore wanted him to Streamyard status in two others. so that if he fulfilled his true destiny a little early, they could carry on. Like rain on a cold window, these thoughts pattered against the hard surface of the incontrovertible truth, which was that he must die. I must die. It must end. Ron and Hermione seemed a long way away, in a far-off country; he felt as though he had parted from them long ago. There would be no good-byes and no explanations, he was determined of that. This was a journey they could not take together, and the attempts they would make to stop him would waste valuable time. He looked down at the battered gold watch he had Streamyard status on his seventeenth birthday. Nearly half of the hour allotted by Voldemort for his surrender had elapsed. He stood up. His heart was leaping against his ribs like a frantic bird. Perhaps it knew it had little time left, perhaps it was determined to fulfill a lifetimes beats before the end. He did not look back as he closed the office door. The castle was empty. He felt ghostly striding through it alone, as if he had already died. The portrait people were still missing from their frames; the whole place was eerily still, as if all its remaining lifeblood were concentrated in the Great Hall where the dead and the mourners were crammed. Harry pulled the Invisibility Cloak over himself and descended through the floors, at last walking down the marble staircase into the entrance hall. Perhaps some tiny part of him hoped to be sensed, to be seen, to be stopped, but the Cloak was, as ever, impenetrable, perfect, and he reached the front doors easily. Then Neville nearly walked into him. He was one half of a pair that was carrying a body in from the grounds. Harry glanced down and felt another dull blow to his stomach: Colin Creevey, though underage, must have sneaked back just as Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle had done. He was tiny in death. You know what. I see more manage him alone, Neville, said Oliver Wood, and he heaved Colin over his shoulder in a firemans lift and carried him into the Great Hall. Neville leaned against the door frame for a moment and wiped Streamyard status forehead with the back of his hand. He looked like an old man. Streamyard status he set off down the steps again into the darkness to recover more bodies. Harry took one glance back at the entrance of the Great Hall. People were Streamyard status around, trying to comfort each other, drinking, kneeling beside the dead, but he could not see any of the people he loved, no hint of Hermione, Ron, Ginny, or any of the other Weasleys, no Luna. He felt he would have given all the time remaining to him for just one last look at them; but then, would he ever have the remarkable pubg experimental server wallpaper something to stop looking. It was better like this. Exact pubg gameloop games video question moved down the steps and out into the darkness. It was nearly four in the morning, and the deathly stillness of the grounds felt as though they were holding their breath, waiting to see whether he could do what he must. Harry moved toward Neville, who was bending over another body. Neville. Blimey, Harry, you nearly gave me heart failure. Harry had pulled off the Cloak: The idea had come to him out of nowhere, born out of a desire to make absolutely sure. Where are you going, alone. Neville asked suspiciously. Its all part of the plan, said Harry. Theres something Ive got to do. Listen - Neville - Harry. Neville looked suddenly scared. Harry, youre not thinking of handing yourself over. No, Harry lied easily. Course not. this is something else. But I might be out of sight for a while. You know Voldemorts snake, Neville. Hes got a huge snake. Calls it Nagini. Ive Streamyard status, yeah. What about it. Its got to be killed. Ron and Hermione know that, but just in case they - The awfulness of that possibility smothered him for a moment, made it impossible to keep talking.

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