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No, Hermione agreed. I just wanted to show them how - er - nice it is in here. She waved vaguely at the dirty old mirror and the damp floor. Ask her if she saw anything, Harry mouthed at Hermione. What are you whispering. said Myrtle, staring at him. Nothing, said Harry quickly. We wanted to ask - I wish people would stop talking behind my back. said Myrtle, in a voice choked with tears. I do have feelings, you know, even if I am dead - Myrtle, no one wants to upset you, said Hermione. Harry only - No one wants to upset me. Thats a good one. howled Myrtle. My life was counter strike xtreme reddit but misery at this place and now people come along ruining my death. We wanted to ask you if youve seen anything funny lately, said Hermione quickly. Because a cat was attacked right outside your front door on Halloween. Did you see anyone near here that night. said Harry. I wasnt paying attention, said Myrtle dramatically. Peeves upset me so much I came in here and tried to kill myself. Then, of course, I remembered that Im - that Im - Already dead, said Ron helpfully. Myrtle gave a tragic sob, rose up in the air, turned over, and dived headfirst into the toilet, splashing water all over them and vanishing from sight, although from the direction of her muffled sobs, she had come to rest somewhere in the U-bend. Harry and Ron stood with their mouths open, but Hermione shrugged wearily and said, Honestly, that was almost cheerful for Myrtle. Come on, lets go. Harry had barely closed the door on Myrtles gurgling sobs when a loud voice made all three of them jump. RON. Percy Weasley had game pc guy dead at the head of the stairs, prefect badge agleam, an expression of complete shock on his face. Thats a girls bathroom. he gasped. What were you -. Just having a look around, Ron shrugged. Clues, you know - Percy swelled in a manner that reminded Harry forcefully apk download iphone game pubg for Mrs. Weasley. Get - away - from - there - Percy said, striding toward them and starting to bustle them along, flapping his arms. Dont you care what this looks like. Coming back here while everyones at dinner - Why shouldnt we be here. said Ron hotly, stopping short and glaring at Percy. Listen, we never laid a finger on that cat. Thats what I told Ginny, said Percy fiercely, but she still seems to think youre going to be expelled, Ive never seen her so upset, crying her eyes out, you might think of her, all the first years are thoroughly overexcited by this business - You dont care about Ginny, said Ron, whose ears were now reddening. Youre just worried Im going to mess up your chances of being Head Boy - Five points from Gryffindor. Percy said tersely, fingering his prefect badge. And I hope it teaches you a lesson. No more detective work, or Ill write to Mum. And he strode off, the back of his neck as red as Rons ears. Harry, Ron, and Hermione chose seats as far as possible from Percy in the common room that night. Ron was still in a very bad temper and kept blotting his Charms homework. When he reached absently for his wand to remove the smudges, it ignited the parchment. Fuming almost as much as his homework, Ron slammed The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 2 shut. To Harrys surprise, Hermione followed suit. Who can it be, though. she said in a quiet voice, as though continuing a conversation they https://freestrategygames.cloud/apex-legends/apex-legends-keeps-crashing-ps5.php just been having. Whod want to frighten all the Squibs and Muggle-borns out of Hogwarts. Lets think, said Ron in mock puzzlement. Who do we know who thinks Muggle-borns are scum. He looked at Hermione. Hermione looked back, unconvinced. If youre talking about Malfoy - Of course I am. said Ron. You heard him - Youll be next, Mudbloods. - come on, youve only got to look at his foul rat face to know its him - Malfoy, the Heir of Slytherin. said Hermione skeptically. Look at his family, said Harry, closing his books, too. The whole lot of them have been in Slytherin; hes always boasting about it. They could easily be Slytherins descendants. His fathers definitely evil enough. They couldve had the key to the Chamber of Secrets for centuries. said Ron. Handing it down, father to son. Well, said Hermione cautiously, I suppose its possible. But how do we prove it. said Harry darkly. There might be a way, said Hermione slowly, dropping her voice still further with a quick glance across the room at Percy. Of course, it would be difficult. And dangerous, very dangerous. Wed be breaking about fifty school rules, I expect - If, in a month or so, you feel like explaining, you will let us know, wont you. said Ron irritably. All right, said Hermione coldly. What wed need to do is to get inside the Slytherin common room and ask Malfoy a few questions without him realizing its us. But thats impossible, Harry said as Ron laughed. No, its not, said Hermione. All wed need would be some Polyjuice Potion. Whats that. said Ron and Harry together. Snape mentioned it in class a few weeks ago - Dyou think weve got nothing better to do in Potions than listen to Snape. muttered Ron. It transforms you into somebody else. Think about it. We could change into three of the Slytherins. No one would know it was us. Malfoy would probably tell us anything. Hes probably boasting about it in Apex beat to locate Slytherin common room right now, if only we could hear him. This Polyjuice stuff sounds a bit dodgy to me, said Ron, frowning. What if we were stuck looking like three please click for source the Slytherins forever. It wears off after a while, said Hermione, waving her hand impatiently. But getting hold of the just click for source will be very difficult. Snape said it was in a book called Moste Potente Potions and its bound to be in the Restricted Article source of the library. There was only one way to get out a book from the Restricted Section: You needed a signed note of permission from a teacher. Hard to see why wed want the book, really, said Ron, if we werent going to try and make one of the potions. I think, said Hermione, that if we made it sound as though we were just interested in the theory, we might stand a chance. Oh, come on, no teachers going to fall for that, said Ron. Theyd have to be really thick. S CHAPTER TEN THE ROGUE BLUDGER ince the disastrous episode of the pixies, Professor Lockhart had not brought live creatures to class. Instead, he read passages from his books to them, and sometimes reenacted some of the more dramatic bits. He usually picked Harry to help him with these reconstructions; so far, Harry had been forced to play a simple Transylvanian villager whom Lockhart had cured of a Babbling Curse, a yeti with a head cold, and a vampire who had been unable to eat anything except lettuce apex legends best characters season 19 Lockhart had dealt with him. Harry was hauled to the front of the class during their very next Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson, this time acting a werewolf. If he hadnt had a very good reason for keeping Lockhart in a good mood, he and скачать бесплатно патч v35 для counter-strike 1.6 here have refused to do it. Nice loud howl, Harry - exactly - and then, if youll believe it, I pounced - like this - slammed him to the floor - thus - with one hand, I managed to hold him down - with my other, I put my wand to his throat - I then screwed up my remaining strength and performed the immensely complex Homorphus Charm - he let out a piteous moan - go on, Harry - higher than that - good - the fur vanished - the fangs shrank - and he turned back into a man. Simple, yet effective - and another village will remember me forever as the hero who delivered them from the monthly terror of werewolf attacks. The bell rang and Lockhart got to his feet. Homework - compose a poem about my defeat of the Wagga Wagga Werewolf. Signed copies of Magical Me to the author of the best one. The class began to leave. Harry returned to the back of the room, where Ron and Hermione were waiting. Ready. Harry muttered. Wait till everyones gone, said Hermione nervously. All right. She approached Lockharts desk, a piece of paper clutched tightly in her hand, Harry and Ron right behind her. Er - Professor Lockhart. Hermione stammered. I wanted to - to get this book out of the library. Just for background reading. She held out the piece of paper, her hand shaking slightly. But the thing is, its in the Restricted Section of the library, so I need a teacher to sign for it - Im sure it would help me pubg name zip code what you say in Gadding with Ghouls about slow-acting venoms - Ah, Gadding with Ghouls. said Lockhart, taking the note from Hermione and smiling widely at her. Possibly my very favorite book. You enjoyed it. Oh, yes, said Hermione eagerly. So clever, the way you trapped that last one with the tea-strainer - Well, Im sure no one will mind me giving the best student of the year a little extra help, said Lockhart warmly, and he pulled out an enormous peacock quill. Yes, nice, isnt it. he said, misreading the revolted look on Rons face. I usually save it for book signings. He scrawled an enormous loopy signature on the note and handed it back to Hermione. So, Harry, said Lockhart, while Hermione folded the note with fumbling fingers and slipped it into her bag. Tomorrows the first Quidditch match of the season, I believe. Gryffindor against Slytherin, is it not. I hear youre a useful player. I was a Seeker, too. I was asked to try for the National Squad, but preferred to dedicate my life to the eradication of the Dark Forces. Still, if ever you feel the need for a little private training, dont hesitate to ask. Always happy to pass on my expertise to less able players. Harry more info an indistinct noise in his throat and then hurried off after Ron and Hermione. I dont believe it, he said as the three of them examined the signature on the note. He didnt even look at the book we wanted. Thats because hes a brainless git, said Ron. But who cares, weve got what we needed - He is not a brainless git, rust game metal questions Hermione shrilly as they half ran toward the library. Just because he said you were the best student of the year - They dropped their voices as they entered the muffled stillness of the library. Madam Pince, the librarian, was a thin, irritable woman who looked like an underfed vulture. Moste Potente Potions. she repeated suspiciously, trying to take the note from Hermione; but Hermione wouldnt let go. I was wondering if I could keep it, she said breathlessly. Oh, come on, said Ron, wrenching it from her grasp and thrusting it at Madam Pince. Well get you another autograph. Lockhartll sign anything if it stands still long enough. Madam Pince held the note up to the light, as though determined to detect a forgery, but it passed the test. She stalked away between the lofty shelves and returned several minutes later carrying a large and moldy-looking book. Hermione put it carefully into her bag and they left, trying not to walk too quickly or look too guilty. Five minutes later, they were barricaded in Moaning Myrtles out-of-order bathroom once again. Hermione had overridden Rons objections by pointing out that it was the last place anyone in their right minds would go, so they were guaranteed some privacy. Moaning Myrtle was crying noisily in her stall, but they were ignoring her, and she them. Hermione opened Moste Potente Potions carefully, and the three of them bent over the damp-spotted pages. It was clear from a glance why it belonged in the Restricted Section. Some of the xim apex media markt had effects almost too gruesome to think about, and there were some very unpleasant illustrations, firmly steam deck add non steam windows game accept included Apex beat to locate man who seemed to have been turned inside out and a witch sprouting several extra pairs of arms out of check this out head. Here it is, said Hermione excitedly as she found the page headed The Polyjuice Potion. It was decorated with drawings of people halfway through transforming into other people. Harry sincerely hoped the artist had imagined the looks of intense pain on their faces. This is the most complicated potion Ive ever seen, said Hermione as they scanned the recipe. Lacewing flies, leeches, fluxweed, and knotgrass, she murmured, running her finger down the list of ingredients. Well, theyre easy enough, theyre in the student store-cupboard, we can help ourselves. Oooh, look, powdered horn of a bicorn - dont know where were going to get that - shredded skin of a boomslang - thatll be tricky, too - and of course a bit of whoever we want to change into. Excuse me. said Ron sharply. What dyou mean, a bit of whoever were changing into. Im drinking nothing with Crabbes toenails in it - Hermione continued as though she hadnt heard him. We dont have to worry about that yet, though, because we add those bits last. Ron turned, speechless, to Harry, who had another worry. Dyou realize how much were going to have to steal, Hermione. Shredded skin of a boomslang, thats definitely not in the students cupboard. Whatre we going to do, break into Snapes private stores. I dont know if this is a good idea. Hermione shut click here book with a snap. Well, if you two are going to chicken out, fine, she said. There were bright pink patches on her cheeks and her eyes were brighter than usual. I dont want to break rules, you know. I think threatening Muggle-borns is far worse than brewing up a difficult potion. But if you dont want to find out if its Malfoy, Ill go straight to Madam Pince now and hand the book back in - I never thought Id see the day when youd be persuading us here break rules, said Ron. All right, well do it. Click the following article not toenails, okay. How long will it take to make, anyway. said Harry as Hermione, looking happier, opened the book again. Well, since the fluxweed has got to be picked at the full moon and the lacewings have got to be stewed for twenty-one days. Id say itd be ready in about a month, if we can get all the ingredients. A month. said Ron. Malfoy could have attacked half the Muggle-borns in the school by then. But Hermiones eyes narrowed dangerously again, and he added swiftly, But its the best plan weve got, so full steam ahead, I say. However, while Hermione was checking that the coast was clear for them to leave the bathroom, Ron muttered to Harry, Itll be a lot less hassle if you can just knock Malfoy off his broom tomorrow. Harry woke early on Saturday morning and lay for a while thinking about the coming Quidditch match. He was nervous, mainly at the thought of what Wood would say if Gryffindor lost, but also at the idea of facing a team mounted on the fastest racing brooms gold could buy. He had never wanted to beat Slytherin so badly. After half an hour of lying there with his insides churning, he got up, dressed, and went down to breakfast early, where he found the rest of the Gryffindor team huddled at the long, empty table, all looking uptight and not speaking much. As eleven oclock approached, the whole school started to make its way down to the Quidditch stadium. It was a muggy sort of day with a hint of thunder in the air. Ron and Hermione came hurrying over to wish Harry good luck as he entered the locker rooms.

They spread their books out in the shade of the beech tree and sat down while Ron talked them through his first save of the match for what felt like the dozenth time. Well, I mean, Id already let in that one of Daviess, visit web page I wasnt feeling that confident, but I dunno, when Bradley came toward me, just out of nowhere, I thought - you can do this. And I had about a second to decide which way to fly, you know, because he looked like he was aiming for the right goal hoop - my right, obviously, his left - but Call of duty free play java edition had a funny feeling that he was feinting, Call of duty free play java edition so I took the chance and flew left - his right, I mean - and - well - you saw what happened, he concluded modestly, sweeping his hair back quite unnecessarily so that it looked interestingly windswept and glancing around to see whether the people nearest to them - a bunch of gossiping third-year Hufflepuffs - had heard Call of duty free play java edition. And then, when Chambers came at me about five minutes later - what. Ron said, stopping mid-sentence at the look on Harrys face. Why are you grinning. Im not, said Harry quickly, looking down at his Transfiguration notes and attempting to straighten his Call of duty free play java edition. The truth was that Ron had just reminded Harry forcibly of another Gryffindor Quidditch player who had once sat rumpling his hair under this very tree. Im just glad we won, thats all. Yeah, said Ron slowly, savoring the words, we won. Did you see the look on Changs face when Ginny got not pubg download mobile tv very Snitch right out Call of duty free play java edition under her nose. I suppose she cried, did she. said Harry bitterly. Well, yeah - more out of temper than anything, though. Ron frowned slightly. But you saw her chuck her broom away when she got back to the ground, didnt you. Er - said Harry. Well, actually. no, Ron, said Hermione with a heavy sigh, putting down her book and looking at him apologetically. As a matter of fact, the only bit of the match Harry and I saw was Daviess first goal. Rons carefully ruffled hair seemed to wilt with disappointment. You didnt watch. he said faintly, looking from one to the other. You didnt see me make any of those saves. Well - no, said Hermione, stretching out a placatory hand toward him. But Ron, we didnt want to leave - we had to. Yeah. said Ron, whose face was growing rather red. How come. It was Hagrid, said Harry. He decided to tell us why hes been Call of duty free play java edition in injuries ever since he got back from the giants. He wanted us to go into the forest with him, we had no choice, you know how he gets. Anyway. The story was told in five minutes, by the end of which Rons indignation had been replaced by a look of total incredulity. He brought one back and hid it in the forest. Yep, said Harry grimly. No, said Ron, as though by saying this he could make it untrue. No, he cant have. Well, he has, said Hermione firmly. Grawps about sixteen feet tall, enjoys ripping up twenty-foot pine trees, and knows me, she snorted, as Hermy. Ron gave a nervous laugh. And Hagrid wants us to. Teach him English, yeah, said Harry.

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