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Fatigue. And yet you must have moved fairly quickly to prepare such a welcome for us at such short notice, said Dumbledore. You cant have had more than three minutes warning. Slughorn said, half irritably, half proudly, Two. Didnt hear my Intruder Charm go off, I was taking a bath. Still, he added sternly, seeming to pull himself back together again, the fact remains that Im an old man, Albus. A tired old man whos earned the right to a quiet life and a few creature comforts. He certainly had those, thought Harry, looking around the room. It was stuffy and cluttered, yet nobody could say it was uncomfortable; there were soft chairs and footstools, drinks and books, boxes of chocolates and plump cushions. If Harry had not known who lived there, he would have guessed at a rich, fussy old lady. Youre not yet as old as I am, Horace, said Dumbledore. Well, maybe you ought to think about retirement yourself, said Slughorn bluntly. His pale gooseberry eyes had found Dumbledores injured hand. Reactions not what they were, I see. Youre quite right, said Dumbledore serenely, shaking back his sleeve to reveal the tips of those burned and blackened fingers; the sight of them made the back of Harrys neck prickle unpleasantly. I am undoubtedly slower than I was. But on the other hand. He shrugged and spread his hands wide, as though to say that age had its compensations, and Harry noticed a ring on his uninjured hand that he had never seen Dumbledore wear before: It was large, rather clumsily made of what looked like gold, and was set with a heavy black stone that had cracked down the middle. Slughorns eyes lingered for a moment on the ring too, and Harry saw a tiny frown momentarily crease his wide forehead. So, all these precautions against intruders, Horace. are they for the Death Eaters benefit, or mine. asked Dumbledore. What would the Death Eaters want with a poor broken-down old buffer like me. demanded Slughorn. I imagine that they would want you to turn your considerable talents to coercion, torture, and murder, said Dumbledore. Are you really telling me that they havent come recruiting yet. Slughorn eyed Dumbledore balefully for a moment, then muttered, I havent given them the chance. Ive been on the move for a year. Never stay in one place more than a week. Move from Muggle house to Muggle house - the owners of this place are on holiday in the Canary Islands - its been very pleasant, Ill be sorry to leave. Its quite easy once you know how, one simple Freezing Charm on these absurd burglar alarms they use instead of Sneakoscopes and make sure the neighbors dont spot you bringing in the piano. Ingenious, said Dumbledore. But it sounds a rather tiring existence for a broken-down old buffer in search of a quiet life. Now, if you were to return to Hogwarts - If youre going to tell me my life would be more peaceful at that pestilential school, you can save your breath, Albus. I might have been in hiding, but some funny rumors have reached me since Dolores Umbridge left. If thats how you treat teachers these days - Professor Umbridge ran afoul of our centaur herd, said Dumbledore. I think you, Horace, would have known better than to stride into the forest and call a horde of angry centaurs filthy half-breeds. Thats what she did, did she. said Slughorn. Idiotic woman. Never liked her. Harry chuckled and both Dumbledore and Slughorn looked round at him. Sorry, Harry said hastily. Its just - I didnt like her either. Dumbledore stood up rather suddenly. Are you leaving. asked Slughorn at once, looking hopeful. No, I was wondering whether I might use your bathroom, said Dumbledore. Oh, said Slughorn, clearly https://freestrategygames.cloud/steam/steam-sale-monitor.php. Second on the left down the hall. Dumbledore strode from the room. Once the door had closed behind him, there was silence. After a few moments, Slughorn got to his feet but seemed uncertain what to do with himself. He shot a furtive look at Harry, then crossed to the fire and turned his back on it, warming his wide behind. Dont think I dont know why hes brought you, he said abruptly. Harry merely looked at Slughorn. Slughorns watery eyes slid over Harrys scar, this time taking in the rest of his face. You look very like your father. Yeah, Ive been told, said Harry. Except for your eyes. Youve got - My mothers eyes, yeah. Harry had heard it so often he found it a bit wearing. Hmpf. Yes, well. You shouldnt have favorites as a teacher, of course, but she was one of mine. Your mother, Slughorn added, in Apex legends mobile reviews to Harrys questioning look. Lily Evans. One of the brightest I ever taught. Vivacious, you know. Charming girl. I used to tell her she ought to have been in my House. Very cheeky answers I used to get back too. Which was your House. I was Head of Slytherin, said Slughorn. Oh, now, he went on quickly, seeing the expression on Harrys face and wagging a stubby finger at him, dont go holding that against me. Youll be Gryffindor like her, I suppose. Yes, it usually goes in families. Not always, though. Ever heard of Sirius Black. You must have done - been in the papers for the last couple of years - died a few weeks ago - It was as though an invisible hand had twisted Harrys intestines and held them tight. Well, anyway, he was a big pal of your fathers at school. The whole Black family had been in my House, but Sirius ended up in Gryffindor. Shame - he was a talented boy. I got his brother, Regulus, when he came along, but Id have liked the set. He sounded like an enthusiastic collector who had been outbid at auction. Apparently lost in memories, he gazed at the opposite wall, turning idly on the spot to ensure an even heat on his backside. Your mother was Muggle-born, of course. Couldnt believe it when I found out. Thought she must have been pure-blood, she was so good. One of my best friends is Muggle-born, said Harry, and shes the best in our year. Funny how that sometimes happens, isnt it. said Slughorn. Not really, said Harry coldly. Slughorn looked down at him in surprise. You mustnt think Im prejudiced. he said. No, no, no. Havent I just said your mother was one of my all-time favorite students. And there was Dirk Cresswell in the year after her too - now Head of the Goblin Liaison Office, of course - another Muggle-born, a very gifted student, and still gives me excellent inside information on the goings-on at Apex legends mobile reviews. He bounced up and down a little, smiling in a self-satisfied way, and pointed at the many glittering photograph frames on the dresser, each peopled with tiny moving occupants. All ex-students, all signed. Youll notice Barnabas Cuffe, editor of the Daily Prophet, hes always interested to hear my take on the days news. And Ambrosius Flume, of Honeydukes - a hamper every birthday, and all because I was able to give him an introduction to Ciceron Harkiss, who gave him his first job. And at the back - youll see her if you just crane your neck - thats Gwenog Jones, who of course captains the Holyhead Harpies. People are always astonished to hear Im on first-name terms with the Harpies, and free tickets whenever I want them. This thought seemed to cheer him up enormously. And all these people know where to find you, to send you stuff. asked Harry, who could not help wondering why the Death Eaters had not yet tracked down Apex legends mobile reviews if hampers of sweets, Message callofduty.com redeem reward was tickets, and visitors craving his advice and opinions could find him. The smile slid from Slughorns face as quickly as the blood from his walls. Of course not, he said, looking down at Harry. I have been out of touch with everybody for a year. Harry had the impression that the words shocked Slughorn himself; he looked quite unsettled for a moment. Then he shrugged. Still. the prudent wizard keeps his head down in such times. All very well for Dumbledore to talk, but taking up a post at Hogwarts just now would be tantamount to declaring my public allegiance to the Order of the Phoenix. And while Im sure theyre very admirable and brave and all the rest of it, I dont personally fancy the mortality rate - You dont have to join the Order to teach at Hogwarts, said Harry, who could not quite keep a note of derision out of his voice: It was hard to sympathize with Slughorns cosseted existence when he remembered Sirius, crouching in a cave and living on rats. Most of the teachers arent in it, and none of them has ever been killed - well, unless you count Quirrell, and he got what he deserved seeing as he click at this page working with Voldemort. Harry had been sure Slughorn would be one of those wizards who could not bear to hear Voldemorts name spoken aloud, and was not disappointed: Slughorn gave a shudder and a squawk of protest, which Harry ignored. I reckon the staff are safer than most people while Dumbledores headmaster; hes supposed to be the only https://freestrategygames.cloud/steam-deck/how-to-use-steam-deck-as-a-pc.php Voldemort ever feared, isnt he. Harry went on. Slughorn gazed into space for a moment or two: He seemed to be thinking over Harrys words. Well, yes, it is true that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has never sought a fight with Dumbledore, he muttered grudgingly. And I suppose one could argue that as I have not joined the Death Eaters, He-Who-Must-Not-BeNamed can hardly count me a friend. in which case, I might well be safer a little closer to Albus. I cannot pretend that Amelia Boness death did not shake me. If she, with all her Ministry contacts and protection. Dumbledore reentered the room and Slughorn jumped as though he had forgotten he was in the house. Oh, there you are, Albus, he said. Youve been a very long time. Upset stomach. No, I was merely reading the Muggle magazines, said Dumbledore. I do love knitting patterns. Well, Harry, we have trespassed upon Horaces hospitality quite long enough; I think it is time for us to leave. Not at all reluctant to obey, Harry jumped to his feet. Slughorn seemed taken aback. Youre leaving. Yes, indeed. I think I know a lost cause when I see one.

In Bree the names differed, being Frery, Solmath, Rethe, Chithing, Thrimidge, Lithe, The Summerdays, Mede, Wedmath, Harvestmath, Wintring, Blooting, and Yulemath. Frery, Chithing and Yulemath were also used in the Eastfarthing. 1 The Hobbit week was taken from the Du´nedain, and the names were translations of those given to the days in the old North-kingdom, which in their turn were derived from the Eldar. The six-day week of the Eldar had days dedicated to, or named after, the Stars, the Sun, the Moon, the Two Trees, the Read article, and the Valar or Powers, in that order, the last day being the chief day of the week. Their names in Quenya were Elenya, Anarya, Isilya, Aldu´ya, Menelya, Valanya (or Ta´rion); the Seems call of duty laptop game download easy believe names were Orgilion, Oranor, Orithil, Orgaladhad, Ormenel, Orbelain (or Rodyn). The Nu´meno´reans retained the dedications and order, but altered the fourth day to Alde¨a (Orgaladh) with reference to the White Tree only, of which Nimloth that grew in the Kings Court in Nu´menor was believed to be a descendant. Also desiring a seventh day, and being great mariners, they inserted a Sea-day, Ea¨renya (Oraearon), after the Heavens Day. The Hobbits took over this arrangement, but the meanings of their translated names were soon forgotten, or no longer attended to, and the forms were much reduced, especially in everyday pronunciation. The first translation of the Nu´meno´rean names was probably made two thousand years or more before the end of the Third Age, when the week of the Du´nedain (the feature of their reckoning earliest adopted by alien peoples) was taken up by Men in 1 It was a jest in Bree to speak of Winterfilth in the (muddy) Shire, but according to the Shire-folk Wintring was a Bree alteration of the older name, which had originally referred to the filling or completion of the year before Winter, and descended click times before the full adoption of Kings Reckoning when their new year began after harvest. A PP ENDIX D 1111 theNorth. Aswith theirnames of months,the Hobbits adheredto these translations, although elsewhere in the Westron area the Quenya names were used. Not many ancient documents were preserved in the Shire. At the end of the Third Age far the most notable survival was Yellowskin, or the Yearbook of Tuckborough. 1 Its earliest entries seem to have begun at least nine hundred years before Frodos time; and many are cited in the Red Book annals and genealogies. In these the weekday names appear in archaic forms, of which the following are the oldest: (1) Sterrendei, (2) Sunnendei, (3) Monendei, (4) Trewesdei, (5) Hevenesdei, (6) Meresdei, (7) Hihdei. In the language of the time of the War of the Ring these had become Sterday, Sunday, Monday, Trewsday, Hevensday (or Hensday), Mersday, Highday. I have translated these names also into our own names, naturally beginning with Sunday and Monday, which occur in the Shire week with the same names as ours, and Apex predator of the water the others in order. It must be noted, however, that the associations of the names were quite different in the Shire. The last day of the week, Friday (Highday), was the chief day, and one of holiday (after noon) and evening feasts. Saturday thus corresponds more nearly to our Monday, and Thursday to our Saturday. 2 A few other names may be mentioned that have a reference to time, though not used in precise reckonings. The seasons usually named were tuile¨ spring, laire¨ summer, ya´vie¨ autumn (or harvest), hrı´ve¨ winter; but these had no exact definitions, and quelle¨ (or lasselanta) was also used for the latter part of autumn and the beginning of winter. The Eldar paid special attention to the twilight (in the northerly regions), chiefly as the times of star-fading and star-opening. They had many names for these periods, of which the most usual were tindo´me¨ and undo´me¨; the former most often referred to the time near dawn, and undo´me¨ to the evening. The Sindarin name was uial, which could be defined as minuial and aduial. These were often called in the Shire morrowdim and evendim. Lake Evendim as a translation of Nenuial. The Shire Reckoning and dates are the only ones of importance for the narrative of the War of the Ring. All the days, months, and dates are in the Red Book translated into Shire terms, or equated with them in notes. The months and days, therefore, Apex predator of the water The Lord of the Rings refer to the Shire Calendar. The only points in which the differences between this and our calendar are important to the story at the crucial period, the end of 3018 and the beginning of 3019 (S. 1418, 1419), are these: October 1418 has only 30 days, January 1 is the second day of 1419, and February has 30 days; so that March 25, the date of the downfall of the Barad-duˆr, would correspond to our March 27, if our years began at the same seasonal point. The date was, however, March 25 in both Kings and Stewards Reckoning. 1 Recording births, marriages, and deaths in the Took families, as well as matters, such as land-sales, and various Shire events. 2 I have therefore in Bilbos song (pp. 15860) used Saturday and Sunday instead of Thursday and Friday. 1112 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS The New Reckoning was begun in the restored Kingdom in T. 3019. It represented Apex predator of the water return to Kings Reckoning adapted to fit a spring-beginning 1 as in the Eldarin loa. In the New Reckoning the year began on March 25 old style, in commemoration of the fall of Sauron and the deeds of the Ring-bearers. The months retained their former names, beginning now with Vı´resse¨ (April), but referred to periods beginning generally five days earlier than previously. All the months had 30 days. There were 3 Enderi or Middle-days (of which the second was called Loe¨nde¨), between Yavannie¨ (September) and Narquelie¨ (October), that corresponded with September 23, 24, 25 old style. But in honour of Frodo Yavannie¨ 30, which corresponded with former September 22, his birthday, was made a festival, and the leap-year was provided for by doubling this feast, called Cormare¨ or Ringday. The Fourth Age was held to have begun with the departure of Master Elrond, which took place in September 3021; but for purposes of record in the Kingdom Fourth Age 1 was the year that began according to the New Reckoning in March 25, 3021, old style. This reckoning was in the course of the reign of King Elessar adopted in all his Apex predator of the water except the Shire, where the old calendar was retained and Shire Reckoning was continued. Click here Age 1 was thus called 1422; and in so far as the Hobbits took any account of the change of Age, they maintained that it began with 2 Yule 1422, and not in the previous March. There is no record of the Shire-folk commemorating either March 25 or September 22; but in the Westfarthing, especially in the country round Hobbiton Hill, there grew up a custom of making holiday and dancing in the Party Field, when weather permitted, on April 6. Some said that it was old Sam Gardners birthday, some that it was the day on which the Golden Tree first flowered in 1420, and some that it was the Elves New Year. In the Buckland the Horn of the Mark was blown at sundown every November 2 and bonfires and feastings followed. 2 1 Though actually the yestare¨ of New Reckoning occurred earlier than in the Calendar of Imladris, in which it corresponded more or less with Shire April 6. 2 Anniversary of its first blowing in the Shire in 3019. APPENDIX E Writing and Spelling I PRONUNCIATION OF WORDS AND NAMES The Westron or Common Speech has been entirely translated into English equivalents. All Hobbit names and special words are intended to be pronounced accordingly: for example, Bolger has g as in bulge, and mathom rhymes with fathom. In transcribing the ancient scripts I have tried to represent the original sounds (so Apex predator of the water as they can be determined) with fair accuracy, and at the same time to produce words and names that do not look uncouth in modern letters. The High-elven Quenya has been spelt as much like Latin as its sounds allowed. For this reason c has been preferred to k in both Eldarin languages. The following points may be observed by those who are interested in such details. consonants C has always the check this out of k even before e and i: celeb silver should be pronounced as keleb. CH is only used to represent the sound heard in bach (in German or Welsh), not that in English church. Except at the end of words and before t this sound was weakened to h in the speech of Gondor, and that change has been recognized in a few names, such as Rohan, Rohirrim. (Imrahil is a Nu´meno´rean name. ) DH represents the voiced (soft) th of English these clothes. It is usually related to d, as in S. galadh tree compared with Q. alda; but is sometimes derived from nr, as in Caradhras Redhorn from caran-rass.

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